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The Wool Bed Company™ News

Wool in the Summer?! That’s Shear Madness

ECO-Pure Wool Surprising Benefits for Summer Sleepers When it comes to staying cool, no one thinks of wearing wool. Popular wool-lined boots and sweaters are a wintertime staple; why would anyone wear them during the hottest season of the year? The Wool Bed Company has the surprising answer: wool bedding products keep you cool! Our…

Welcome Spring with Wool!

Spring Cleaning Tips from The Wool Bed Company With spring just around the corner, it’s time to start cleaning! Our wool mattresses and organic cotton sheets already help keep your home clean and healthy, so The Wool Bed CompanyTM has some helpful tips for our customers who want to make their homes even healthier this year. Clear …

Upgrade Your Wool Mattresses with a Mattress Topper

The Wool Bed CompanyTM Now Offers the Most Comfortable Bundle! Wool mattresses already have a ton of great advantages over the competition. They’re all natural, they’re covered with organic cotton sheets, and they’re free of harsh fire-retardant toxins due to the flame resistance of wool. To top it all off, they’r…

Why Wool Comforters Are Better than Down Comforters

How Natural Wool Bedding Beats the Competition When it comes time to buy a new comforter, most people assume down is the best option available. Yet ECO-PureTM wool filled comforters from The Wool Bed CompanyTM have many benefits to offer. When it comes to the bedding you use night after night, you deserve the best. Comforter filling, al…

Be Your Own Valentine with the Gift of Wool Bedding

Improve Your Sleep this Valentine’s Day Tired of the usual greeting cards this Valentine’s Day? Want to give something a little healthier than chocolate and longer lasting than flowers? Mix it up this year and get creative. The Wool Bed CompanyTM offers unique Valentine’s gifts your whole family will love! Wool of Love…

11 New Year’s Resolutions Wool Bedding Will Help You Keep

Start the New Year Right with Wool Mattresses, Toppers, and Pillows! Celebrate 2016 with a resolution to get healthy. Are you sick of broken resolutions year after year? The Wool Bed CompanyTM is here to help you stick to your New Year’s commitment in more comfort than ever before. One of the hardest parts of keeping a resolution i…

Replacing Wool Bedding with The Wool Bed Company

When Should I Replace My Mattress, Pillows, Sheets, and Comforter? Knowing when to replace your bedding, from the mattress to the pillows, is a difficult task. Many people don’t want to waste money constantly replacing their bedding, leading to uncomfortable nights as they sleep on an old mattress or with threadbare sheets. The Woo…

Sleep Benefits of Wool Mattress Toppers

The Best Mattress Toppers for Maximum Healthy Sleep ECO-Pure wool mattress toppers from The Wool Bed Company are an excellent solution for making your bed more comfortable without replacing your whole mattress. Adding a natural mattress topper to your regular mattress provides many of the same benefits as having a wool mattress…

Giving Wool Bedding For the Holidays

The Ultimate Guide to Giving the Right Gift to the Right Person With the holiday season in full swing, finding gifts for friends and family can get difficult. How do you decide what to get? The best presents are the ones which show how much you care. Why not give the gift of peaceful sleep this year? The Wool Bed Company has all the holi…

Wool Mattress Topper vs. Memory Foam Pad

Why Wool Mattress Toppers are Superior to Memory Foam In a fast-paced world, a good night’s sleep is hard to come by. Having a comfortable mattress is one of the first ways to ensure a good night. What if a new mattress is currently unaffordable or simply out of the question? A mattress topper provides the perfect solution. There …

Healthy Living Habits Improve Our Earth and Our Quality of Life

Being Green with Wool Bedding What does it mean to be “green”? I’m sure at one point, we’ve all asked ourselves this very same question. There are many misconceptions associated with the thought of becoming a greener citizen. Many believe, being green involves a huge lifestyle change. This is not true. You can sta…

Wool Bedding Products are The Best for Your Body and Overall Well-Being

  Wool Mattresses and Toppers Made in the USA with Pure Quality The quality of mattresses has considerably increased over the years. When you select your mattress, not only are you making an investment, you are making a decision you live with every night, for many years to come. A mattress’s life span depends on a multitude o…


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