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Wool Bedding Reviews

Read what people are saying about the Surround Ewe ECO-Pure™ Wool Mattress Sleep Systems. To experience the best night’s rest you’ve ever had, purchase your ECO-Pure™ Wool Mattress Sleep System online today!

Lower Back and Hip Arthritis Pain Relief With Organic Wool Bedding

Dear Susan, I wanted to thank you for your wonderful products and also to share with you a story you might find amusing. As you know, I have had moderate to severe lower back and hip arthritis pain for years. I would have a lot of trouble sleeping at night and have soreness in the morning upon arising and have it all day. I purchased a…

Organic Wool Bedding Keep You Cool

Dear Susan, I have waited to send you a "testimony" about my Soothe Pad as I wanted to sleep on it for a while. And I have. I love it. I have a hard time finding words to express how it feels. It reminds me of what it may be like to lay down on a soft white cloud to sleep. Firm, yet soft. I live in Sacramento, California and to be quite…

Most Comfortable Sleep With Organic Wool Bedding

I wanted to write to let you know how much I'm enjoying my wool comforter & pillows. The items are the most comfortable I have ever had. I get [a] good night's sleep without neck pain .. the pillows and the comforter is like a body pillow. (Even my cat prefers the bed than any other place in the apartment to sleep.) Thank you for the …

Organic Wool Bedding Helps Relief Pain

"You will never know how my ole heart is rejoicing today! My mom received her Mattress Topper yesterday! She immediately called and was soooooooo impressed with the making of it. She even told me she could hardly wait until bed time to try it out. I woke up about 1 A.M this morning literally asking the Lord to let her have some good rest.…

Organic Wool Pillow is Like Sleeping on a Cloud

Susan, My mom received her pillow last Friday. She called me Saturday afternoon and said it was like sleeping on a cloud. Wowsie - wishin I had one of those Mattress Toppers now! Will have to wait. She did not call me till Saturday afternoon -- 'cause she wanted to report on how it slept. ... Thanks also for your kindness with my Mom. Sh…

Organic Wool Mattress System Reliefs Hip and Back Pain

How We Helped Betsy Betsy Erickson, 51, of Wales, Wisconsin, has found relief from her hip and back pain not from a new drug or a new technology, but from something natural that's been around for centuries. Wool! After purchasing a Soothe Ewe™ Mattress Topper and a Hug Ewe™ Pillow six months ago, she's noticed a remarkable i…

Organic Wool Pillow Relief for TMJ Sufferers

Wow, I had a wonderful nights rest. It really makes a difference!. I have TMJ and grit my teeth all night long, this didn't happen last night. So had another cure to the list for suffers. I am going to talk to my older son about this, who has the same problem with his grinding of teeth. I think he will want a pillow too. Thanks so much, …

Organic Wool Bedding System Helps with Fibromyalgia

After having slept on the bedding for a little over a week, our daughter is very happy to report that she is feeling the difference. She can turn over without waking because of pain and she isn't stiff in the morning. She is VERY pleased! Needless to say - we are also happy to hear that she is getting some relief - having a good night's s…

Organic Wool Mattress Sleep System Reliefs Aches and Pains

Dear Susan, I want to take a moment to write and let you know how pleased I am with your product. I have slept on the Mattress Topper for over one month and am pleased beyond all expectations. My sleep is uninterrupted and I awake refreshed each day... much more than when I slept on a traditional mattress in the past. Aches and pains and…

Pain Free Sleep With Organic Wool Mattress System

We'll, there's good news and bad news since I purchased my Soothe Ewe™ Mattress Topper. With arthritis, fibromyalgia, and polymyalgia, my sleep was less than comfortable. It was miserable, to be honest. Now, when I sink into my mattress topper (of course, the addition of the Snuggle Ewe™ Comforter adds to the deliciousness of …

Fibromyalgia Suffers Experience Restful Nights Sleep with Organic Wool Bedding System

Hi Susan, You may not remember me, but I came to you last fall and had a mattress topper made. I was suffering from Fibromyalgia. It took me a couple of weeks to get used to the mattress topper, but without it I can't stay in bed more than a few minutes. With the mattress topper, I can at least sleep for 4-6 hours a night. I am currently…

Sleep More Soundly With Organic Wool Mattress System

Dear Susan, I have been sleeping on the Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper for three months and I find that I sleep more soundly. I have not been awakened by pain from pressure points or joint pain. My wife had a fractured hip with subsequent surgery a year ago and has had significant relief also. I would recommend this product for patients with…

Organic Wool Mattress System Help Fibromyalgia and Connective Tissue Disease

Hi Susan, I want to give you my testimonial on the Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper which I purchased from you this summer. I had purchased the Ultimate style. It has been a while now since I've been using the Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper and I can absolutely say that I love it! I don't like leaving home because I can't handle my night joint/mus…

Organic Wool Mattress Sleep System, Relief to Fibromyalgia

Dear Susan, "I want to thank you and Kerry Hills Farms for producing the Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper (heavy weight) mattress pad. I have used it now for well over a month and find that it is the best product that I have tried to date to bring relief to my fibromyalgia. I have suffered pain and discomfort from fibromyalgia for many years a…

Relief from Sleep Pain With Organic Wool Bedding System

The product I bought from Susan has given me great relief from my pains I have experienced for years. I highly recommend her products for relief. Respectfully, Ervin StruckCaledonia, Wisconsin


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