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11 New Year’s Resolutions Wool Bedding Will Help You Keep

Start the New Year Right with Wool Mattresses, Toppers, and Pillows!

Celebrate 2016 with a resolution to get healthy. Are you sick of broken resolutions year after year? The Wool Bed CompanyTM is here to help you stick to your New Year’s commitment in more comfort than ever before. One of the hardest parts of keeping a resolution is making daily changes to your routine. With our natural wool and organic cotton bedding, living better is as easy as falling asleep.

Here are 11 common resolutions and how our ECO-PureTM wool bedding will help you achieve your goals!

1. Lose weight

Losing Weight 2016One of the most popular New Year resolutions is to take off those extra pounds. Sleeping right will help! Being well-rested reduces the sensation of hunger, making it easier to control your appetite. While resisting tempting cupcakes may be tricky, our ECO-PureTM wool mattresses will help you sleep through the night instead of rummaging for a midnight snack.

If you want to lose weight to reduce symptoms of sleep apnea, our ECO-PureTM pillows will help you adjust to sleeping on your side while staying comfortable. Our pillows are available in standard, queen, and king sizes to fit any bed.

2. Get in shape

While this goal can easily overlap with losing weight, there are many people of all ages who simply want to improve their body through exercise. The first workout of 2016 might leave you sore, but with The Wool Bed CompanyTM there is a way to sleep through the night without aches or pains. Our wool mattresses reduce back pain and muscle soreness, letting you get some quality shuteye after a tough workout.

3. Quit smoking or drinking*

Longtime smokers often experience insomnia after quitting, especially those who go cold turkey. Unfortunately, the inability to fall asleep can cause former smokers to grow frustrated and light up as a way to fall asleep. Similarly, giving up drinking can lead to sleep problems including frequently waking up and being unable to fall asleep.

Fortunately for both, a wool mattress is will help you fall asleep as your body recovers from quitting. Establishing a sober sleep pattern may take time, from days or weeks to months, but it will be worth it as you are able to enjoy more quality sleep each and every night.

*Make sure to consult with your doctor for advice if you decide to quit smoking or drinking.

4. Be environmentally friendly

Our ECO-PureTM wool is free from harmful toxins and unnecessary chemicals, letting you go green at home. Unlike synthetic mattress materials, our wool is naturally flame resistant and requires no chemical treatment for safe use. This means you sleep without exposure to toxins, making our beds healthy for you and the environment.

Even better, our exclusive Surround Ewe Renewal Program means your mattress, toppers, and pillows won’t wind up in a landfill after a few years of use. Instead, you may send your wool bedding product back to The Wool Bed Company where we will completely clean and check the wool while adding a new organic cotton cover. Your bedding materials will feel like new for a fraction of the cost. You save more than just money; you’re helping the environment too by reducing waste!

5. Look better

Ever woke up only to find heavy bags under your eyes? This means you aren’t getting quality sleep! Beauty sleep is not a myth, as it is directly tied to better health inside and out. Many inflammatory skin conditions are caused by stress hormones released when you’re behind on sleep. Scratchy sheets and certain synthetic materials can cause allergic reactions, further worsening your appearance. Organic cotton sheets from The Wool Bed CompanyTM are hypoallergenic and just what you need for comfortable beauty sleep.

6. Reduce stress

Speaking of stress, sleep is a natural stress reliever. Getting at least 6 hours of sleep every night will calm your body from head to toe, letting the stresses of the day melt away.

7. Socialize more

Mental health is just as important as meeting physical needs, including socializing with friends and family. Hosting will be easier than ever with comfortable, natural wood furniture.

Travel the World 20168. Save money

Are you the first one to grab a cup of coffee on the way to class or work? Say goodbye to a daily expense as you find yourself no longer needing a caffeine boost to take on the day.

9. Travel the world

Whether you plan to fill your passport or drive across the country, go in style with an ECO-PureTM Travel Topper for comfort wherever your travels take you. From taking an overdue family vacation, heading out on your honeymoon, or just exploring new places, you won’t have to worry about jetlag or bedbugs when you bring a twin size mattress topper made from natural wool and organic cotton.

10. Improved thinking

If you’re trying to get over bad habits, sleep is all you need to get your brain into better shape. A well-rested mind will help you make it through a year of constant self-improvements. You’ll be amazed how much more alert and aware you are after a full night of sleep.

11. Get more quality sleep

Yes, one of the top resolutions is simply to be better rested. With natural wool bedding, you sleep in a bed which disperses body temperature so you’re always comfortable. Our ECO-PureTM wool is hypoallergenic and flame resistant, letting you sleep healthier through the entire year.

Keeping to a single resolution is enough to help you enjoy life and yourself. A healthy bedroom is the first step to a healthier life. Order today to take advantage of the new savings!

Contact The Wool Bed CompanyTM now to find natural wool bedding for your New Year’s resolution!