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Wool Mattresses

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Additional Charges
Signature Mattress/Economy topper
TWIN - $1,850.00
KING - $2,799.00
Signature Mattress Only
$1,395.00 - $3,199.00
$1,200.00 - $2,599.00
Amish Made Wood Platform Bed
Natural poplar wood platform bedfram hand made by Amish manufacturers #PFB-PO
$1,199.00 - $1,600.00
$150.00 - $1,450.00
Childrens Mattress
Childrens Mattresses #SOO-M
$1,450.00 - $1,650.00
$1,350.00 - $1,550.00
A Wool Protector Pad
ECO-Pure Wool Protector Pad #WWMP
$329.00 - $379.00
$245.00 - $325.00

Non-Toxic Mattress Handmade with ECO-Pure™ Wool

Surround Ewe™ ECO-Pure™ Wool Mattresses are the latest in the Surround Ewe™ Collection. Our organic cotton covered/ECO-Pure™ Wool mattresses are made using the same unique and patented process we use in all our products. We are the pioneers in designing natural wool bedding, and we are once again setting the industry standard with our natural ECO-Pure™ Wool mattresses.

Organic, non-toxic wool mattress from The Wool Bed CompanyTMPremium and Signature mattress sizes include:

  • Twin
  • XL Twin
  • Full
  • Queen
  • East King
  • California King
  • Custom

Our wool mattress can easily be used with your traditional bed on your existing box spring. If you are replacing all your bedroom furniture, our wool mattresses can be used on our popular Amish wood platform bed with confidence.

Sleep Naturally with a Non-Toxic Mattress

Our natural wool mattresses are hand-made, free-form, without any woods, metal, foam, latex or springs. The materials used in this premier product are free of harsh chemicals, synthetic detergents, and dyes. Our natural wool mattresses use our own ECO-Pure™ Wool, giving you the satisfaction of knowing it will last for years. All materials are grown, raised or Made The American Way, including the 100% organic cotton fabric encasing all of our products.

Since wool is naturally fire resistant, no flame retardant chemical toxins are added to our mattresses. Synthetic mattresses must use boron, antimony, and boric acid to meet flame resistant requirements. These chemicals have been shown to have toxic effects on people. Order an ECO-Pure Wool mattress so you can sleep free from toxic chemicals every night.

Sustainable and Ethical Bedding You Won't Lose Sleep Over

Traditional mattress are full of synthetic materials, metal springs and fireproofing chemicals, making them a highly unsustainable option. The Surround EBedding from The Wool Mattress Company is Co-op America Approvedwe™ wool mattresses from The Wool Mattress Company™ are made of all natural, bio-degradable materials to keep you and the planet healthy and well rested. 

Spring mattresses wear out and have to be disposed of, where they'll go sit in a landfill for years. A well cared for Surround Ewe™ ECO-Pure™ Wool Mattress can be expected to last from 4-10 years! After that period we offer a full renewal program to get you sleeping on a like-new mattress for many more years. 

Health Benefits of Wool Bedding

Wool bedding helps people sleep healthy. Our wool mattresses are doctor-recommended for anyone who can’t get sleep because of:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • Chronic pain
  • Allergies
  • Back pain
  • Pregnancy
  • Muscle soreness
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Insomnia 

Two Natural Wool Mattresses to Choose From

Our Premium Mattress is seven layers of wool, double hand tufted, double stitched for longevity, and part of our organic wool renewal program! Measuring 5 inches of loft, this mattress is perfect for beds in standard or custom sizes.

Our Signature Mattress is made with pre-compressed wool, giving the mattress the stability to last for years. an additional ten layers of wool are added to give the firm feel without being too hard. Mattresses can weigh between 42 and 90 pounds*. All of this makes it the most recommended organic mattress today. Just like our Premium Mattress, the Signature is part of our renewal program!

Don’t forget the wool protector pad to keep your new mattress safe from accidental spills and other messes.

Organic wool mattress on slat platform bed frameComplete Your Wool Bedding Sleep System

  • Toppers – Wool toppers go directly on top of your mattress to provide additional comfort and loft
  • Pillows – Our wool pillow collection includes full body pillows and travel neck pillows
  • Organic Cotton Sheets – 100% organic cotton sheets are hypoallergenic
  • Comforters – Stay warm with natural wool comforters in European, summer, or winter styles
  • Pet Beds – Give your pet the gift of comfort with their own wool bed

The Wool Bed Company™ has everything you need for a natural night of sleep free from harsh chemicals and toxins.

Contact The Wool Bed Company™ to learn more about the health benefits of all natural and organic mattresses.

*Weight: All products are custom, hand-made to order. Allow 3lbs variance.