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Wool in the Summer?! That’s Shear Madness

ECO-Pure Wool Surprising Benefits for Summer Sleepers

Summer Sleep SceneWhen it comes to staying cool, no one thinks of wearing wool. Popular wool-lined boots and sweaters are a wintertime staple; why would anyone wear them during the hottest season of the year?

The Wool Bed Company has the surprising answer: wool bedding products keep you cool! Our supply of the finest comforters, pillows, pet beds, mattresses, and furniture, are all swaddled up in ECO-Pure Wool. No matter what the weather outside, the breathable and odor-resistant fabric intelligently changes with your body temperature, making wool the most ideal textile for your home.

Let’s dig a little deeper into the science of cool wool.

Your Own Personal Thermometer

Wool is known as a temperature regulator, one of the many reasons it is so popular for use in bedding. Of course, wool is best known for keeping you warm. During the cold seasons all you have to do is max-out the furnace and pull on a wool blanket. The wool insulates your body with warm, dry air, helping you stay comfy and cozy. This is because wool is made up of wavy fiber, making it breathable enough to keep you cool.

During summer, wool offers different advantages. When your body heats up, wool draws in the air while getting rid the heat and extra moisture. Convection takes place, moving heat away from the pockets to keep you comfortable. Since wool is naturally hydrophilic, you won’t have to wake up in a pool of your own sweat on hot nights.

Keeping Those Allergens in Check

There are even more benefits to having wool bedding in your home this summer. Wool fights off pesky dust mites and mold; leaving you with breathable air year-round. Score! For those with asthma induced by heat and humidity, wool bedding provides a welcome relief.

Mold and dust mites love damp areas. Your only line of defense is wool. Since wool wicks away water and moisture, it naturally deters allergen instigators.

Want even more happiness? Our natural wool and organic cotton are hypoallergenic, preventing you from experiencing the following:

  • Sneezing
  • Itchy and red eyes
  • Coughing and chest congestion
  • Runny nose

Opt for our ECO-Pure Wool, the best and highest quality of material, with no synthetic detergents or chemicals. Proven for its temperature-adjustment features and action against allergens, what more could you want in a blanket? The Wool Bed Company dedicates its services to keeping you comfortable.

Get the sleep you deserve and shop our ECO-Pure Wool products today.