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Why Wool Comforters Are Better than Down Comforters

How Natural Wool Bedding Beats the Competition

Goose downWhen it comes time to buy a new comforter, most people assume down is the best option available. Yet ECO-PureTM wool filled comforters from The Wool Bed CompanyTM have many benefits to offer. When it comes to the bedding you use night after night, you deserve the best.

Comforter filling, also called batting, has changed a lot over the years. Everything from animal fur to silk has been used in the construction of comforters. Time and time again, it is natural wool which comes out as the superior choice. Learn more about the advantages offered by wool when compared to other common comforter fillings.

Disadvantages of Down Comforters

Down refers to the layer of soft plumage found on birds. The popularity as a fill in comforters came about due to its insulating properties and light weight. Down comforters usually have to be made with box stitch construction to stop the feathers from clumping together, leading to the classic quilt-like appearance. This can limit the styles used when decorating a bedroom.

The main problem with down is the risk of allergies. Allergens are common because mold and dust mites can live within the down of the comforter, trapped within the fibers of the feathers. Older down comforters collect more allergens as any chemicals used to clean them fade. Even specially cleaned down can still contain dust mites and is also exposed to potentially harmful chemicals and toxins.

Down from geese and ducks are the most commonly used, with goose feather down being the preferred choice. It is important to note there is a difference between bedding marked “100% down” and “down”. Unless a comforter is labelled as 100%, there could be any amount regular feathers or synthetic fibers mixed in with the fill. Our European comforters have even more wool fill than just down comforters for luxurious comfort all year, without using inferior filling to save money.

Down Alternative and Synthetic Comforters

Synthetic feather downFor allergy sufferers, synthetic down alternative becomes the next popular choice in bedding. Rayon and polyester batting are used to mimic the feel of down without providing a home for mold or dust mites. Polyester comforters are often treated with harsh chemicals which can cause anything from a slight rash to insomnia. Rayon is similarly exposed to multiple toxins which can make it unhealthy for sleepers.

Another disadvantage of using a down alternative is how much heavier it is in comparison to natural feathers. This can make it too warm or uncomfortable for using during summer months and a hassle to launder. Not only is the filling potentially bad for your health, it isn’t even close to the same level of comfort found in natural wool. We offer both summer and winter style wool comforters. The winter comforters are ideal for keeping warm during colder months while the lighter summer comforters keep you cozy even when temperatures are high.

ECO-PureTM Wool Comforters

Natural wool fibers breathe better than synthetic material for a more comfortable sleep in all temperatures. Even better, we do not use any toxins to treat our wool, making it safe for even sensitive sleepers! And our wool comforters are covered with organic cotton, meaning you can sleep free from allergies too.

Compared to down feather, wool still wins. The Wool Bed CompanyTM uses sheep raised right here in the USA, so there’s no need to worry about exposure to toxins or unnecessary chemicals. Our Oconomowoc sheep love being sheared since it keeps them healthy! We sort and wash all our wool without resorting to harsh detergent washes or chemical treatments.

Contact The Wool Bed CompanyTM now to order your summer, winter, or European wool comforter.