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Discover the Difference Wool Makes
Wool Mattress Support
Wool bedding is natural insulator that breathes
Wool fibers for moisture management
Wool is naturally flame resistant
Will contour to the body while you sleep. However, different types of latex can lower the supportive qualities or result in permanent imprints.
Latex can trap heat, making it uncomfortably hot for some sleepers.
Moisture is absorbed through the latex, often leading to wet spots under the mattress. This needs to be checked every few weeks to prevent mold.
A key ingredient in natural latex is sap from rubber trees imported from overseas. Even "natural" latex will have VOC added. Synthetic mattresses include many different chemicals.
Has a natural resilience resulting in a weight supporting structure. Wool will not leave an imprint behind.
Wool provides breathability, keeping you warm when it’s cold and cool when it's hot.
Wool batting dries from within, meaning moisture evaporates quickly and does not allow mold to grow.
Wool is taken from sheep right here in the USA, raised to meet organic standards of fair treatment! Our cotton fabric covers are 100% organic.
Wool fiber close up
Wool fibers have a natural springy quality with a built-in memory. These springy fibers allow wool bedding products to return to their original fluffy, soft shape even after many compressions.
Layered vs Baffled Image

Baffled boxes or baffle construction uses separate chambers to hold the wool. By keeping the wool in separate boxes, the comforter provides equal coverage throughout the night.

Layered wool bedding without baffle construction shifts and does not provide maximum loft. This can result in a lumpy comforter as the wool moves around whenever the comforter is moved. This leads to a poor sleep experience.

  • Does not provide even support, as mattress material can sink around springs
  • Older springs can become squeaky under pressure or movement
  • Broken springs can puncture the mattress and cause minor cuts
  • Metal springs act as antennas bringing electromagnetic radiation in the room through your body while you sleep
  • Not renewable – as your mattress ages it will simply grow less comfortable
  • Provides equal support by adapting to the body
  • Does not create noise as you move
  • Parts cannot break and cause injury
  • Natural wool fill is free from toxins and harmful chemicals
  • Customizable and renewable – have the wool renewed every few years for greater longevity

Why Us: What Makes Our Natural Wool Bedding Best

Reasons to Buy from The Wool Bed Company

Top of Organic Wool MattressThe Wool Bed Company™ is a family-based, woman-owned business with 3 generations working to give you the best sleep with our top rated organic wool mattresses. We believe in improving the sleep quality of our customers, which is why we only use natural wool and 100% organic cotton materials. These materials provide a natural sleep experience without exposure to harsh chemicals or toxins.

We do not use latex, foam, or metal springs in our mattresses and toppers. Bedding made with those materials have to be treated with fire retardant chemicals before they are sold, resulting in mattresses full of boric acid, formaldehyde, and known carcinogens. Our wool is naturally flame resistant and does not need any dangerous chemicals!

The Best Sleep Support System for You

Wool Mattress with Topper on Wood FrameWhile there are other companies selling wool mattresses, we have the thickest cushioning. The more wool a bed has, the greater loft there will be. Up to 60-100 pounds of wool are used to provide complete support for sleepers of all sizes.

Our high quality bedding doesn’t stop with mattresses and toppers. We also have organic cotton sheets, pillows, and comforter sets. We use baffled construction on our wool comforters for better loft and temperature control. Other bed companies only use wool layers which can shift while you move in your sleep. Baffled box construction keeps the wool firmly in place, providing even temperatures and comfort for your body no matter what position you sleep in.

Have a bed which does not meet standard dimensions? No problem! Our mattresses are made to order and measurements can be customized. Just give us a call to learn more! We have made mattresses and toppers specifically for use in hospitals, dorms, and assisted living facilities.

Renewable Sleep

Rolled Up Wool ComforterWool bedding lasts an average of 15+ years with proper bedding care. It lasts even longer thanks to the Wool Bed Company™ Renewal Program. Send your worn wool mattress, topper, or pillows back to our Wisconsin workshop for some TLC. We remove, check, and clean the wool to ensure you have several more years of relaxing, natural sleep.

By renewing your mattress or topper, you don’t have to buy an expensive new sleep system. Instead, you get a renewed mattress for half the product’s original price! Call The Wool Bed Company™ to learn more about this amazing offer.

A Completely Green Sleep Set

The bedding sold by The Wool Bed Company™ is all environmentally friendly. We do not use dyes, toxins, or fire-retardant chemicals while creating our mattresses. The end result is hypo-allergenic pillows, toppers, and mattresses which are completely natural and organic. It’s why our wool bedding is doctor recommended.

If you only have a mattress, adding a wool-filled topper will also give you additional loft and comfort for less than you would pay for a brand new mattress. Cotton sheets and wool comforters complete the look.

Contact or call today at 920-860-6086 for more information on the benefits of wool bedding from The Wool Bed Company™.