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The Wool Bed Company™ News

Wool Bedding Benefits Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona and New Mexico's Rocky Mountain Excursionists

Whether you are vacationing or reside in the Rocky Mountain region, the benefits of wool bedding are infinite. The mountain region can have a series of side effects especially when you aren’t accustomed to it. Wool bedding provides Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS) relief in a variety of ways. Headaches, fatigue and difficulty staying …

The Benefits of Wool Bedding for Midwesterners

Midwest Climate Control Made Possible with Eco Pure™ Wool Bedding When you reside in the Midwest, it’s apparent the weather is unpredictable. You may go to bed with the air conditioner on and wake up wishing for warmth. Whether you are located in Ohio, Michigan or South Dakota, wool bedding has climate controlled features des…

Wool Bedding Benefits a Variety of Climates

From Florida to Texas, Wool bedding Sleep Systems Repels Moisture We often think wool bedding is merely for providing warmth thereby unaware of the additional benefits wool bedding offers. Our wool and organic cotton sleep systems are beneficial in warmer climates, especially in the south. With the humidity prevailing in states from Loui…

Maintain Your Restful Night's Sleep for a Lifetime with Surround Ewe's™ Renewal Program

Typical Mattress Guarantees When you purchase a traditional mattress you’re not only left with a toxic square of synthetic materials leaching chemicals into your body all night long, but you’re also left with a traditional warrantee that comes with stringent rules and regulations if you’re dissatisfied. Typical mattress…

ECO-Pure Wool Sleep Systems for Natural Warmth

Fall is approaching fast, and winter is just around the corner. You don’t want the cold weather to creep in before you’re ready! Now is the perfect time to order your naturally warm and breathable Surround Ewe™ wool sleep system from The Wool Bed Company™. The Wool Bed Company™ has everything you need to comp…

Custom ECO-Pure Wool Bedding for the RV, Trundle Beds, Even Antique Beds!

100% sleep comfort should not be overlooked or surpassed no matter what kind of bed you are sleeping on. The Wool Bed Company™ offers a great selection of all natural wool bedding products ensuring your complete sleep comfort no matter where you are. There is no excuse for a restless night with CUSTOMIZABLE Wool Sleep Systems from S…

Organic Wool Bedding - Great Wedding and Graduation Gifts

Summer is approaching fast, and this means Weddings and Graduations galore. With organic wool bedding products from Wool Bed Company, you can give a quality gift to last a lifetime and longer. 100% natural, handcrafted wool bedding is great for wedding gifts, new baby and christening gifts, anniversary gifts, housewarming gifts, and gradu…

What Does "Organic" Really Mean?

As more consumers become environmentally concerned, they are turning to more organic materials. To some, this raises the question of, what does "organic" really mean? So many mattress manufacturers today use the word "organic", even when their wool mattress products don’t meet the definition of the word. The over-usage of "organic" …

A New Year, a New Ewe

The start of a new year is a time to make resolutions to improve something about yourself or your habits. This year, make a resolution to benefit you without too much effort on your part – add a Surround Ewe™ wool sleep system to your bedroom! Achieving better sleep tops the list of new years resolutions. This year you can dr…

Organic Wool Bedding Christmas Gifts for the Whole Family

The Wool Bed Company’s™ ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bed products are perfect gift ideas providing any friend or relative a great night’s sleep with therapeutically enhanced comfort. Even your pets will sleep soundly after experiencing the therapeutic warmth and relaxation offered by ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool be…

Organic Wool: An Environmentally Correct Choice

When choosing organic wool bedding products from ECO-Pure Wool® not only will you experience an great night’s sleep, you can rest assured knowing your organic wool bedding products are manufactured without any of the harmful effects traditional wool manufacturing has on humans and the environment. Sleep soundly with a clear cons…

Beat the Summer Heat with Organic Wool Bedding

While nothing beats snuggling up in your organic wool bedding on a cold Wisconsin night, you can enjoy the same woolen coziness on hot summer evenings. Stay cool on hot summer nights with the hydrophilic, or water absorbing, ability of organic wool bedding and summer wool comforters from ECO-Pure Wool®. Organic wool mattress toppers, …


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