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Healthy Living Habits Improve Our Earth and Our Quality of Life

Being Green with Wool Bedding

What does it mean to be “green”? I’m sure at one point, we’ve all asked ourselves this very same question. There are many misconceptions associated with the thought of becoming a greener citizen. Many believe, being green involves a huge lifestyle change. This is not true. You can start by analyzing your daily routines and being conscience of how they may affect the environment. Simple solutions like turning the water off while you brush your teeth can save up to five gallons of water a day. Adjusting your thermostat by 1 degree cooler in the winter or warmer in the summer can save around 10% of your energy use. By reevaluating simple daily tasks, your efforts will play a huge role in conserving our natural resources.

Utilizing eco-friendly products and changing the way we waste, is often overlooked on how impactful our contributions can be. A small amount of effort goes a long way. From choosing eco-friendly cleaning products to properly recycling, your choices can help make your life healthier today and environmentally friendly for the future of our children’s children.

Wool mattress on wood bed frameChanging your habits will not only help preserve our earth, it will help you become more aware of what’s good for our planet and what’s not. By having this knowledge, you’ll have a better understanding of the true meaning of being “green”.

Wool Bedding - An Eco-Friendly Solution for a Better Tomorrow

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place to relax and renew. Considering most people typically spend 1/3 of their day sleeping, a bed purchase should be given much thought. The Wool Bed Company has made your decision simple. To ensure you experience quality sleep and renewed health, we offer a variety of wool mattresses, wool pillows and organic cotton bedding for a healthier and more comfortable sleeping option. Our bedding products are better for you and the environment.

All of our wool bedding are toxic-free while other bedding products are filled with harmful chemicals. These toxins are typically used to achieve the white material most have become accustomed to. The Wool Bed Company is proud to share that our products are only available in one color, their natural color. The toxic chemicals traditional mattresses, box springs and bedding are treated with typically include formaldehyde and boric acid. In other words, 1/3 of your day is spent breathing in these chemicals.

The Wool Bed Company offers organic and non-toxic bedding options which also reduce skin irritations and allergies. We know a good night’s rest is important. When you choose healthy bedding options for your bedroom, your night’s rest is never jeopardized. From our organic cotton bedding, sustainable wood furniture to our Eco-Pure™ mattresses, being “green” is effortless. By making the switch and choosing wool, you’re not only saving the earth, you’re benefiting your health.

Wool bedding setWhy You Should Make the Switch and Choose Wool

Many people who have made the switch from traditional bedding options to organic and eco-friendly bedding options have noticed a substantially difference in their health. Read our wool mattress reviews online now to learn more about the benefits of wool bedding. Our customers have reported they feel better, and suffer fewer aches and pain. Many of our customers who suffer from allergies, arthritis, fibromyalgia, insomnia or back pain (to name a few) have noticed significant health benefits from our wool mattresses and organic cotton bedding. They wake up feeling rejuvenated and pain-free.

With this in mind, The Wool Bed Company’s #1 priority is to provide healthier bedding solutions for both consumers and our environment. We continue to stay well-informed of the latest eco-friendly awareness through heavy research and by attending a variety of green festivals and seminars around the country. Retaining the most current information regarding our environment is an essential part of our product development.

Shop our Eco-Pure™ wool mattress and organic cotton bedding online today for a more sustainable tomorrow.