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Wool mattress renewal program
Flipping mattress improves wear & longevity
Each wool bedding product returned for renewal is dismantled, its wool removed, checked and cleaned, more wool is added and then reassembled with an ALL NEW cotton fabric outer covering... READ MORE
Wool Pillows improve your sleep
Pillows are very personal. What happens when you sleep on it for a few nights and it’s not right?...
With organic wool you'll get the best sleep ever!
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Surround Ewe™ Wool Mattress Renewal Program

An organic wool bed made from ECO-Pure™ Wool is one of the healthiest, environmentally friendly ways to sleep each night. Wool bedding can provide you with years of comfortable sleep. Throughout their lifetime, our wool bedding products maintain their loft through years of service. The Wool Bed Company™ recommends restoring your wool products every few years for continued use.

Organic Wool MattressThe Surround Ewe™ Renewal Program offered by The Wool Bed Company™ dismantles your wool mattresses, toppers, and pillows to remove, check, and clean the wool. At the end of the cleaning, more wool is added and everything reassembled with an ALL NEW cotton fabric outer covering, resulting in a wool bedding product that looks and feels brand new!

All products come with a Surround Ewe™ Renewal Certificate explaining the details of our Surround Ewe™ Renewal Program and how to schedule an appointment for your wool bedding product. Our process is incredibly efficient, as we’ll return your product within 36 hours of receipt. Local Oconomowoc, Wisconsin customers can even drop their wool product off in the morning and have it back in time for bed, meaning not a single night of missed sleep.

Contact the Wool Bed Company™ or call us at 1.920.860.6086 to schedule your wool product renewal.

Regularly renewing your wool mattress and mattress toppers is an affordable practice to maintain your comfortable bedding. The cost for our Surround Ewe™ Renewal Program is half of the item’s today's suggested retail (not sale price) at the time of renewal. Where else will you get a replacement new mattress or bedding product for half the price after years of use? Only here from The Wool Bed Company™!

Test-Rest Wool Pillow Guarantee

Organic Wool Pillows

Pillows are very personal and finding the right one can be tricky. Just like mattresses, there are varying levels of softness and hardness and different types of sleepers favor different pillow types. What happens when your perfect pillow from Surround Ewe™ is no longer just right? There’s no need to toss it out anymore. Contact Surround Ewe™ customer service or call 1.888.966.5233 and we can help you restore your pillow to comfortable perfection.

With your permission, we will make a new wool pillow to your specifications and ship it directly to your home. Then ship the old one back to us with the Return Authorization Information*. It is as easy as that! No other company offers this Test Rest Wool Pillow Satisfaction Guarantee!

*If we have not received your old wool pillow within 15 days of us shipping the new wool one, you will be billed the cost of your new pillow.

Why Choose Wool Mattress and Wool Bedding Products?

natural WoolFiber - CloseUp

The Wool Bed Company™ has found there are many advantages to organic wool products over synthetic bedding materials. A close-up look at a single fiber of wool looks like a hair covered with scales, like the shingles on the roof of a house. Millions of cells make up these scales and are covered with a finely porous "skin". This porous quality allows vapors to penetrate and at the same time resist water droplets. The end result is a natural material capable of evaporating body moisture for a healthy, dry and comfortable warmth while you sleep.

Another by-product of this capability to absorb moisture contributes to wool’s flame resistance. In addition, each fiber has a natural spring quality with a built-in memory. These springy fibers allow the wool products to return to their original fluffy, soft shape after compression over and over again. That is why wool products outlast synthetic bedding materials and allow generations of comfortable sleep.

Did you know that Wool...

  • Is organic and pure
  • Is hypoallergenic
  • Induces relaxation
  • Insulates
  • Is flame resistant
  • Is dust mite, mildew, mold and water resistant
  • Is lightweight
  • Comforts pain sufferers
  • Maintains an optimal body temperature
  • Does not sacrifice the life of an animal
  • Is appropriate for all climates

As of July 1, 2007, the United States government passed a law mandating that mattresses be fire resistant to an open flame source. Although this has helped to reduce mattress fires, there are unforeseen consequences for synthetic mattresses. Fire resistance is achieved by introducing fire retardant chemicals like boric acid, zirconium, and antimony to the bedding material. Today everyone is concerned about fire retardants in mattresses, toxins and chemicals potentially causing lasting damage in our environment. 

The Question: Are we trading one bad thing for another with our beds? Is the risk of fire worse than introducing chemicals and toxins to our sleep environment?

The Answer: Surround Ewe™ and other mattress producers are trying to be knowledgeable on how to marry being safe in our homes with our impact on the environment. As this debate goes on, we are finding more and more scare tactic articles being written on fire retardants, so we become more confused on the basic issues. One fact of the matter is organic wool bedding does not require these chemicals or toxins to meet fire resistance safety standards, making Surround Ewe™ organic wool bedding the safest available.

How About A Bit of Truth? Natural Wool Mattresses and Toppers are Environmentally Safe

Wool is the ONLY fiber that is naturally flame resistant without adding fire retardant chemicals that cause health problems. The Wool Bed Company™ makes natural organic wool bedding that will give you a restful night’s sleep without the fear of breathing in an array of toxic fire retardant chemicals in the process. Rest assured our wool is natural, toxin free, wonderfully soft and supportive. Yet it still meets and exceeds the government standards for flame resistance naturally. This means you can rest easy on a chemical-free bed without fear of health concerns from toxins.

Flame-retardant chemicals often used in mattresses include:

  • Boric acid, a toxin often used to kill roaches
  • Antimony, a metal more toxic than mercury
  • Formaldehyde, which can cause cancer

The thought of inhaling these chemicals each night for hours on end should make one re-evaluate their bedding. Shop our entire selection of wool bedding products to overcome any sleeping difficulties you may encounter naturally and eco-friendly.

Wool Bedding Benefits Allergy Sufferers - A Solution to Dust Mites

Wool bedding reduces allergens from dust mites and mildew, two very common household allergens which are present all year round. The fine porous fibers which make up wool are extremely resistant to water, eliminating the opportunity for mildew to grow. You are left with a dry and comfortable bed system which protects your health.

Wool Products Create Total Body Comfort

Wool for bedding is one of the most comfortable sleep systems available in today’s market. Bring sleep comfort to a level you never thought existed with our wool mattresses and toppers. Wool naturally conforms to the individual contours of your body. With this continuous body support, wool bed sets offer improved comfort all night long for all types of sleepers. With wool bedding, it’s easy to find a comfortable sleeping position every single night.

Wool Filled Bedding Naturally Supports Arthritis and Fibromyalgia

Wool bedding is a natural support system for arthritis and fibromyalgia sufferers. With the natural body supporting properties wool produces, you will wake up every single day feeling rejuvenated with less pain. Customize your very own sleep system with our Build Your Own Custom Bed program. From the size and firmness of your mattress to the pillow selection, custom select every aspect of your bed system. The Wool Bed Company™ will make certain your comfort level needs and expectations are not only met, they are exceeded.

Wool Helps Animals

Sheep live to grow wool and they are incredibly good at it. They benefit from haircuts just as we do, making wool production a win-win scenario for humans and sheep. You get comfortable, organic wool while sheep are raised with care to meet ECO-Pure™ Wool standards. Not only are our wool bedding systems naturally produced, your mattress cover is 100% pure organic cotton grown in the USA!

If you still aren’t sold on why wool is better, read our wool bedding customer testimonials on how the benefits of wool bedding has changed lives.

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