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Wool Bedding Products are The Best for Your Body and Overall Well-Being


Wool Mattresses and Toppers Made in the USA with Pure Quality

The quality of mattresses has considerably increased over the years. When you select your mattress, not only are you making an investment, you are making a decision you live with every night, for many years to come. A mattress’s life span depends on a multitude of factors including the materials used for the mattresses, how it is manufactured, how the mattress is maintained in the home and used.

When taking into account the quality of craftsmanship, the material and the products used to fill your mattress, the Wool Bed Company offers only the best. All of our wool bedding products are made in the USA and manufactured right from the Wool Bed Company’s very own, Kerry Hills Farm. Domestic manufacturing ensures uncontaminated materials are used and eliminate any chance for toxins to contaminate materials during the treatment process. The Wool Bed Company’s products are handmade, double stitched and filled with the proper amount of ECO-Pure™ wool by skilled craftsman to provide the highest quality products and increase mattress longevity. By using 100% ECO-Pure™ Wool and 100% organic cotton the Wool Bed Company delivers the purest and most natural sleep system found in today’s bedding market.

New Mattress Benefits

Deciding on when to purchase a new mattress is your first step to improved health. If you wake up feeling tired or experience unusual pain or discomfort when you wake up, it’s most likely time for a new mattress. If your existing mattress is more than 10 years old, has lumps or often squeaks, you may be in need of a new mattress and platform bed frame sooner rather than later. New wool bedding dramatically increases an individual’s sleep comfort, overall health and even reduces pain. Reports show statistically proven benefits to be the results of a new mattress:

  • Improved sleep quality by 62% (1)
  • An increase in sleep comfort by 70.8% (1)
  • Reduced back pain by 55.3% (1)
  • Reduced back stiffness by 50.7% (1)

Making An “Old” Mattress Sleep Like “New

A wool mattress has a longer lifespan than most and an even longer one when protected by a wool mattress topper. The average life of most mattresses is 7-10 years depending on the materials used. Wool mattresses lifespan can be forever when you buy from the Wool Bed Company and partake in our wool bedding renewal program. The Wool Bed Company will make your wool mattress, topper, comforter or pillows look and feel like brand new for only half the cost of a new one.

In doing so, we remove the existing wool to check and clean it, add additional wool (if needed) then reassemble the product with a new organic cotton cover. By calling ahead to schedule your renewal, we can get it done within 24 hours of receiving it. This wonderful renewal program can be taken advantage of every three years so your sleep system will feel like new every single day.

Benefits of Wool Bedding

No matter where you live, a wool mattress provides multiple benefits with the many advantageous characteristics of wool. From allergy relief to protection from bed bugs to therapeutic warmth, wool is one of the best materials used for bedding products. When you select your wool mattress from The Wool Bed Company, you can be assured a toxin-free, healthier sleep system, guaranteed. Order your wool mattress or wool mattress topper online today and start sleeping like a baby again.