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Beat the Summer Heat with Organic Wool Bedding

While nothing beats snuggling up in your organic wool bedding on a cold Wisconsin night, you can enjoy the same woolen coziness on hot summer evenings. Stay cool on hot summer nights with the hydrophilic, or water absorbing, ability of organic wool bedding and summer wool comforters from ECO-Pure Wool®. Organic wool mattress toppers, wool comforters, and organic wool pillows provide a perfect temperature-controlled summer sleeping environment.

While organic wool bedding is popular for its comfort, warmth, fire retardant and hypoallergenic qualities, wool has hydrophilic abilities keeping you cool on summer nights. With organic wool bedding’s water absorbing quality you will maintain a comfortable body temperature during warm seasons. Wool comforters and other organic wool bedding products contain porous cells able to remove excess moisture and heat from your skin helping you stay cool while you sleep. The porous cells in organic wool bedding products are one of nature’s best insulating qualities. Wool’s porous cells against your skin keeps you cool by insulating you from the warm season’s heat. 

Your body keeps cool naturally through evaporation. The average sleeper evaporates a pint of water in an eight hour sleep period. Organic wool bedding’s porous cells absorb up to 30% of the evaporation, relieving the sleeper from the damp and clammy feelings typical of down and other synthetic fibers. Wool’s porous cells absorption qualities serve as a defense against extreme heat, lowering the sleeper’s body temperature on hot nights. Staying cooler on summer nights allows you to reach a deeper REM state for sounder sleeping.

The Wool Bed Company™ offers the organic wool bedding products providing you a cozy summer night’s rest. Feel energized in the morning after a deep night’s sleep in The Wool Bed Company’s™ wool mattress toppers, organic wool pillows, organic wool mattresses, and summer wool comforters.

To learn more about a custom organic wool bedding sleep system enhancing your sleep quality, call the Wool Bed Company today at 1-920-860-6086, or contact the organic mattress company online.