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Organic Wool: An Environmentally Correct Choice

When choosing organic wool bedding products from ECO-Pure Wool® not only will you experience an great night’s sleep, you can rest assured knowing your organic wool bedding products are manufactured without any of the harmful effects traditional wool manufacturing has on humans and the environment. Sleep soundly with a clear conscience knowing you’re making an environmentally correct choice every night you wrap yourself in organic wool bedding products from ECO-Pure Wool®.

All ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products are produced in accordance with the federal standards for organic livestock production. Sheep involved in the manufacturing of ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products are free from the use of synthetic pesticides and injection of synthetic hormones, are organically fed, and graze freely on land not exceeding its natural livestock carrying capacity. These federally regulated organic livestock production standards benefit humans, the environment, and sheep in many ways compared to traditional sheep rearing.

The wool used in ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products comes from a sheep rearing process prohibiting the use of insecticides harmful to humans and the environment. Traditional wool manufacturing involves a process known as "sheep dipping". Sheep dipping entails submersing the sheep in chemicals, organophosphates and pyrethroids preventing the sheep from contracting external parasites like keds, ticks, lice, and mites.

In the late 1980s several sheep farmers experienced organophosphate poisoning after years of sheep dipping. The effects of organophosphate poisoning range from minor symptoms like tiredness and headaches to life-threatening consequences like fatal nerve damage. Legislation began in 2000 to keep organophosphate sheep dipping under control. The legislation forced farmers using organophosphate sheep dip to have a safety certification of competence, closed transfer systems minimizing the risk of users coming into contact with organophosphate, and protective clothing. While the new legislation helps reduce the harmful effects of sheep dipping, avoiding it altogether is still the best defense against organophosphate poisoning.

While the chemicals involved with sheep dipping negatively affect human health, their effect on the environment is equally harmful. The structures for sheep dipping often leak, discharging into and contaminating nearby streams. In addition to threatening aqua life, these polluted streams are often the water source farmers use to water crops. The polluted water results in severe crop damage and soil contamination. Fortunately, more farmers are discovering the humane and environmental benefits of organ wool harvesting, making sheep dipping an archaic practice.

The sheep producing the wool used in ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products enjoy the comfort of grass feeding and free ranging compared to the cramped feed-lots used in traditional sheep rearing. Sheep evolved as grazing animals, roaming free and subsisting on natural grasses. Sheep reared for organic wool production experience none of the territorial stress and unnatural weight gain associated with traditionally reared sheep confined to overpopulated areas and grain feeding. The sheep contributing to your ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products enjoy the pleasure of roaming on wide open farmland, consuming the healthiest feed available. You can share the sheep’s contentment knowing you’re sleeping on ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products produced by sheep experiencing the healthiest, happiest existence available.

ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool bedding products utilize wool from organic sheep rearing practices more beneficial to the sheep, humans, and the environment than the sheep rearing practices used in the traditional wool industry. Every time you lay your head on an ECO-Pure Wool® organic wool pillow, or stretch out on an organic wool mattress, enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re contributing to the well-being of animals, humans, and the earth’s environment. Get the sleep you need while making an environmentally correct decision with a Surround Ewe™ sleep system.