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What Does "Organic" Really Mean?

As more consumers become environmentally concerned, they are turning to more organic materials. To some, this raises the question of, what does "organic" really mean? So many mattress manufacturers today use the word "organic", even when their wool mattress products don’t meet the definition of the word. The over-usage of "organic" has led many consumers to doubt its authenticity, even in situations where the wool mattress may in fact be organic.

For wool to be considered organic, the sheep must be fed only organic or natural foods. Sheep must be raised without being exposed to synthetic hormones and pesticides, including harmful sheep dipping. Most importantly, the wool must be cleaned, processed, and prepared with non-toxic products.

Surround Ewe™ takes great care to ensure our sheep and wool are treated with utmost care and attention. Our sheep graze on natural pastures throughout our land and are never exposed to toxic pesticides and synthetic hormones. Our wool handling and manufacturing methods have never, and will never, contain any toxic chemicals.

Surround Ewe™ is proud to use only the purest organic bedding materials available. Our organic wool mattresses and wool bedding products are the finest on the market. Wool itself is hypoallergenic, induces relaxation, is flame resistant, and helps you maintain an optimal body temperature. We take the natural benefits already provided by wool and create the perfect wool bedding products to help relieve your pain and increase your comfort. Our custom made wool bedding products are tailored to your body and your needs, so special requests are always welcome.

Contact Surround Ewe™ with any questions regarding our organic wool mattresses and organic wool bedding products. We would be more than happy to discuss how our sheep rearing and wool handling practices make us one of the few true organic mattress manufacturers around.