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Maintain Your Restful Night's Sleep for a Lifetime with Surround Ewe's™ Renewal Program

Typical Mattress Guarantees

When you purchase a traditional mattress you’re not only left with a toxic square of synthetic materials leaching chemicals into your body all night long, but you’re also left with a traditional warrantee that comes with stringent rules and regulations if you’re dissatisfied. Typical mattress guarantees leave you with 30 days to try the mattress. If you’re dissatisfied with your night’s sleep you can return the mattress in exchange for another mattress from the same toxic mattress manufacturer. If your mattress fails you within a certain time period you must have a mattress inspector come and measure the damage to determine if you fit within the specifications of the warrantee. Again, if you qualify you are forced to find a comparable mattress from the same manufacturer. This often puts you in a never ending cycle of failed mattresses and dissatisfaction, not to mention the continued toxic environment in your bedroom.

Surround Ewe™ Helping You Sleep Well

With organic cotton covered ECO-Pure wool bedding you get a better night’s sleep due to comfort and health. Organic wool bedding doesn’t create an environment conducive to bacteria and dust mites. It regulates body temperature well and doesn’t leach toxic chemicals into your body or into the air you breathe all night long. Once you sleep on an organic wool mattress you will never want to turn back to the traditional mattress again. You will fall in love with your organic wool mattress and like a child with a blanket, won’t sleep well without it again!

For many organic wool bed customers, the thought of buying a new bed is daunting. They worry if they’ll find a mattress as comfortable as their current wool mattress. While natural organic wool bedding will maintain its loft for years of use, after a long time of use you may want to restore it to its original condition. At Surround Ewe™ we understand your desire to keep your comfortable organic wool mattress, so we offer a Wool Mattress Renewal Program.

Surround Ewe™ Wool Mattress Renewal Program

Simply return your ECO-Pure wool mattress, or wool topper, Snuggle Ewe Comforters, Hug Ewe Pillow even Wool Pet Bedding that is to The Wool Bed Company™ and we’ll return it to you as good as new. Upon receiving your organic wool bedding product we dismantle it, checking and cleaning the wool. If the wool is damaged or needs added loft, we add new wool to the product. When Surround Ewe™ reassembles the wool bedding product we cover the organic wool bedding with all new cotton fabric. Your organic wool bedding product looks and feels like new but maintains the comfort with which you’ve become accustomed. All for a reasonable cost to you, like new but not as costly as new!

Schedule an Appointment for your Surround Ewe™ Renewal

Participating in the Surround Ewe™ Renewal program is as easy as calling Surround Ewe™ at 1.888. 966.5233. We guarantee that we’ll return your organic cotton and ECO-Pure wool bedding within 24 hours of receipt so you go a minimum amount of time without it. If you are located within the Oconomowoc, Wisconsin area you can drop off your organic wool bedding product at our facility in the morning and we promise to have it completed in the afternoon. You don’t even have to miss one night without your wool bedding!

The Cost of the Surround Ewe™ Renewal Program

You can maintain your healthy sleeping style with organic wool bedding for a lifetime with Surround Ewe’s™ Renewal Program. Instead of having to pay for a new mattress and adding to the world’s waste, you can restore your current organic wool product to new at only half the price of the original item (not sale price). Now that’s a guarantee that you won’t find with any other bedding company, organic, natural or synthetic!!

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