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Custom ECO-Pure Wool Bedding for the RV, Trundle Beds, Even Antique Beds!

100% sleep comfort should not be overlooked or surpassed no matter what kind of bed you are sleeping on. The Wool Bed Company™ offers a great selection of all natural wool bedding products ensuring your complete sleep comfort no matter where you are. There is no excuse for a restless night with CUSTOMIZABLE Wool Sleep Systems from Surround Ewe™! Our natural wool bedding products are available in any standard bed sizes, AND because all Surround Ewe™ products are handmade, you can request a custom wool mattress or mattress topper in any size. Customizable also means we can make them thick or thin for your personal preferences or needs. You don’t have to look any further for just the right size, comfortable bedding for your long RV trips, perfect fit bedding for your space efficient trundle beds, and even customize the perfect fit for those hard to match bunk beds and antique beds. We are dedicated to bringing you the ultimate sleep comfort experience!

Organic Cotton/ECO-Pure Wool Bedding Systems for Toxin & Mold FREE sleep!

All natural ECO-Pure wool bedding systems make the perfect bedding solution for your RV’s and lake cabin. The unparalleled features of organic cotton/ECO-Pure wool bedding provide many useful qualities to reduce your stresses in those hot, humid areas. ECO-Pure wool bedding is mold and mildew resistant, keeping away bacteria, bugs, and unwanted moisture. This is great for your health and comfort. The natural breathability of wool along with the natural fire resistance add even more benefit to having a Surround Ewe™ organic wool bedding system for your RV and vacation homes or cabins. You can leave those beds made longer, and not worry about moisture and mold building up and ruining your comfort. Sleep easy every night, no matter where you are!

Everything you need in your Customized Organic Cotton and ECO-Pure Wool Bedding System!

Surround Ewe™ Organic Cotton/ ECO-Pure Wool Bedding Systems from The Wool Bed Company™ come with everything you need for complete sleep comfort at affordable prices. You save money when you buy the complete system for standard bed sizes, AND you don’t have to worry about missing anything. Our wool sleep systems each come with:

  • 1 set of Snuggle Ewe Comforters - 1 winter comforter and 1 summer comforter
  • 1 pair of Hug Ewe Pillows (only one pillow with a Twin Size system)
  • 1 pair of Support Ewe Neck Rolls
  • 1 sheet set including 1 fitted sheet
  • 1 comforter coverlet
  • 1 pair of pillowcases
  • 1 pair of neck roll cases.
Call 920-860-6086 for customized wool sleep system sizes and prices to get the perfect fit bedding for those unique bed sizes!

100% Organic Cotton and ECO-Pure Wool Bedding of All Kinds from The Wool Bed Company™

The Wool Bed Company™ has everything you need to provide your entire family with the best sleep they ever had with wool bedding. From infant to adult, and even your pets, we are dedicated to fulfilling your bedding needs. Don’t count the sheep, sleep easy on the healthy, organic wool those sheep provide! The Wool Bed Company™ offers Wool Pet Beds, Wool Comforters, Wool Mattress Toppers, plus 100% cotton sheets, pillows, even futon mattresses! Give your family the sleep they deserve, and sleep better yourself with Surround Ewe™ organic wool bedding from The Wool Bed Company™.

Call 920-860-6086 for more information or to request your custom sized wool mattress today!