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Wool Bedding Benefits a Variety of Climates

From Florida to Texas, Wool bedding Sleep Systems Repels Moisture

Southern United StatesWe often think wool bedding is merely for providing warmth thereby unaware of the additional benefits wool bedding offers. Our wool and organic cotton sleep systems are beneficial in warmer climates, especially in the south. With the humidity prevailing in states from Louisiana to Florida, wool bedding products are found highly essential. Wool wicks away moisture creating an optimal and healthy sleeping environment. Wool resists moisture from humid climates and the moisture our bodies release throughout the night. It creates a microclimate which assists in regulating our body temperature and humidity.

Wool bedding is also a great solution for couples who have diverse sleeping preferences. Our wool bedding sleep systems absorb and release moisture efficiently maintaining your individual body temperatures at 98.6. The Wool Bed Company™ offers high quality bedding providing YOUR perfect climate control.

Tennessee Allergy Relief with Wool Sleep Systems

ECO-Pure™ Wool bedding and organic cotton products are commonly utilized for allergy relief. From wool toppers and wool pillows to organic cotton sheets, The Wool Bed Company’s™ products are all naturally hypoallergenic and perfect for the Kentucky and Tennessee allergy sufferers. In addition to allergy control, wool bedding is one of the most pure sleep systems available. The Wool Bed Company’s™ wool bedding is toxin free providing clean air while you sleep.

Our ECO-Pure™ Wool bedding and organic cotton sleep systems will change the way you sleep for good. Our higher quality of wool products provides a higher quality of sleep!

Prevent Bed Bugs with Wool Bedding:

wool Mattress Traveling bag with topperThe Wool Bed Company’s ECO-Pure™ wool bedding prevents the spread of bugs in your home, particularity bed bugs. Bugs are unable to survive in wool deterring them from any ECO-Pure™ wool bedding products. The warmer the climate the increase in bugs, especially states like Florida, Mississippi, Georgia and Louisiana. With our wool bedding sleep systems you can now sleep soundly and comfortably while preventing bed bugs from invading your space. Whether you live down south or are traveling, be sure to keep your wool close by. The Wool Bed Company™ offers a wool traveler mattress topper providing you with insect free, quality sleep wherever you are.

Browse our entire line of wool and organic cotton bedding products for an optimal sleeping environment.