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Finding the Perfect Pillows for Healthy Sleeping

Natural Wool Pillows for Twin, Queen, and King Beds

Sleep is a natural, healthy process. Yet many people don’t realize they’re sabotaging their own sleep by using uncomfortable pillows night after night. If you find yourself waking up sore instead of refreshed, The Wool Bed CompanyTM has advice for finding the best wool pillow for regaining a comfortable sleep pattern.

Back Position

Sleeping on your back is the healthiest sleep position. The spine is aligned while you rest, reducing aches and pains in the morning. Unfortunately, many people have difficulty falling asleep in this position and instead sleep on their side or stomach. While the position may not be the most comfortable initially, it has the best long term health benefits.

We recommend: Medium fill wool pillows

Natural wool pillows made by The Wool Bed CompanyTM are right between soft and firm, making them just right for back sleepers. There is enough softness for the pillow to contour around your head and neck yet enough firmness to support your head while you sleep.

Side Position

Side sleeping is not as ideal as back sleeping, though there are times when it is actually recommended by doctors to combat snoring or symptoms of sleep apnea and heartburn. Those who sleep on their side may experience discomfort from a misaligned back, neck, or joints.

Pregnant women should sleep on their side, specifically their left, for better circulation. Using a wool body pillow will add the extra support and comfort a pregnant woman needs to support the rest of her body.

We recommend: Firm and medium pillows

This all depends on how you sleep. A firm wool pillow will slightly elevate your head and neck while medium pillows instead cradle and conform to your upper body. The Wool Bed CompanyTM offers an exclusive Test-Rest Guarantee, meaning if the wool fill you select is not right for your sleeping habits, you may exchange your pillow for a different fill to better match your needs.

Stomach Position

This sleep position is very comfortable yet not recommended since it does not allow the spine or neck to rest naturally. This causes the spine to eventually flatten over time resulting in lower back pain. However, this position is very comfortable, especially for children.

We recommend: Soft wool fill pillows

Since the main concern of stomach sleeping is the neck being out of alignment, soft wool pillows are best. Your head will sink into the soft, natural wool and help keep your spine in order while you sleep.

All our wool pillows are hypoallergenic and made without unnecessary chemicals or toxins found in synthetic bedding materials. You will feel great as you awake healthier than ever with our natural wool and organic cotton pillows.

Selecting a Wool Pillow Size

The Wool Bed CompanyTM offers four main pillow sizes: Standard, Queen, King, and Euro. All of our sizes are available with soft, medium, or firm wool fill to best suit your sleep position. Our Standard size pillows are the smallest and fit Twin, Twin XL, Full, and futon mattresses. The Euro is the largest and is often used more as decoration than as an actual pillow, though they fit California King.

The measurements for our wool fill pillows are:

We also offer mini pillows, neck rolls, travel pillows, and body pillows. These pillows can provide temporary relief while away from home or be a source of additional joint or back support. We will also custom fill your pillow to better meet your needs.

For help finding the best wool fill pillow for your sleep position and bed, contact The Wool Bed CompanyTM.