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Wool Bedding: The #1 Must-Have Item on Your Travel List

Make Summer Vacation Comfortable with The Wool Bed Company

Summer is here and you all know what that means: road trips, plane rides, and sleeping in hotels! Yes, the traveling season is upon us; garnished with road construction, whiny travelers, and unending TSA security lines. These small annoyances don’t completely ruin your love for traveling, but they certainly don’t help.

In comfortably getting you from point A to point B, your friends at The Wool Bed Company provide travel mattress toppers and neck pillows, the perfect solution for stressful journeys. Made to relieve stiff necks, backs, and joints, our wool products will make you feel at home wherever you go. Travel comfortably with ECO-Pure Wool this summer vacation.

How to Sleep on a Plane

When it comes to getting some shut eye at cruising altitude, there are a lot of obstacles. Being in stuck in the middle, in front of a screaming child, or next to a loud neighbor can keep you from catching some valuable Z’s on the plane. Wool travel pillows from The Wool Bed Company will at least keep you comfortable during a long flight. Neck roll pillows are easy to fit in your carryon luggage and will give your neck more support than a cheap airline pillow.

If you have a lengthy layover or miss a connecting flight, you could be stuck in an airport for hours. It’s always a good idea to bring a pillow and blanket to get cozy while you wait.

Crowded AirplaneTips for Sleeping During a Flight

  • Bring the necessary supplies: a neck pillow and blanket will do wonders to get you comfortable. Airplanes can get very cold at cruising altitude and a folded up sweatshirt won’t provide nearly as much comfort as a natural wool travel pillow.
  • Ask for a window seat if possible. Unlike center or aisle seats, being near the window will give you a place to support your head while dozing. You also won’t have to deal with neighbors waking you to leave their seats.
  • Wear noise-reducing or noise-cancelling headphones or earbuds. You can’t control the kid crying two rows behind you, but you can control how much you hear. Many airport kiosks sell ear plugs if you don’t have your own.
  • Set a timer to control how much you sleep. If you are on a long international flight, you’ll want to get up and move around every few hours to prevent clots from forming in your legs after sitting for so long.
  • Avoid sleeping pills if possible. While it might seem like the perfect time to get a few guaranteed hours of sleep, there is always the risk of complications and mistakes. If your flight is cancelled or delayed after you’ve taken a sleeping pill, you’re stuck struggling to stay awake. Or you might still be asleep once the plane lands, again leaving you groggy as you’re forced to wake up.
  • Turn off electronics. Phones are enough of a distraction when you’re awake; keep it off so you can drift off uninterrupted.

One of the biggest mistakes people can make while sleeping on a plane is not having enough support for their neck and head. Suddenly, you’ve got a crick in the neck for the rest of your vacation. The wool neck pillows from The Wool Bed Company keep you comfortable on your vacation.

Wool Neck Roll Pillow for TravelAre Hotel Beds Really that Clean?

The answer might seem like a no-brainer. Dozens of studies have shown that hotel rooms aren’t cleaned thoroughly, making you seriously think about where you put your head down every night. You have no idea when the sheets have been washed last; germs and allergens have made themselves right at home. And you asked for a 2-person room! Even if the sheets were freshly laundered, when was the mattress last replaced?

Aside from having a clean place to rest your head, wouldn’t you want better quality sleep every night of your travels? Traveling with our wool mattress toppers and regular-sized pillows are a smart move, as they are hypoallergenic and deter dirt. Not only will you have a clean place to sleep for your entire trip, you’ll be more comfortable on familiar wool!

Wool Bedding Lets You Sleep Clean

With wool bedding you bring yourself, you know you’re sleeping on clean bedding every night. Another benefit is wool’s naturally-crafted air pockets that wick away moisture in warmer temps, creating the perfect travel companion. Don’t let the summer heat bog you down, take along Surround Ewe’s wool products on your next adventure.

If you have allergies or other health problems, getting comfortable on the road is an even greater concern. By having your own pillows, sheets, or mattress topper, you have more control over your sleep conditions. For many with chronic pain conditions, going on vacation can lead to more pain from sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses or old box springs.

Your One-Way Ticket to Relaxation

Staying with relatives? While they might have a nice guest bedroom, you might also end up sleeping on the couch or floor. Having your own travel mattress topper will keep you comfy no matter where you wind up.

Whether you’re road-tripping across the country, or jet-setting around the globe, travel comfortably with our ECO-Pure Wool products. You will never go back to synthetic material again. The Wool Bed Company is here to make every corner of the world comfortable, one sheep at a time.

Shop for wool pillows and other travel essentials at The Wool Bed Company today.