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Organic Wool Mattresses Benefit the Environment

Green Bedding for Green Living

Keeping your home green and environmentally friendly is becoming harder and harder. Countless products are made with harsh chemicals which are bad for the environment and your body. The Wool Bed Company™ is here to help with organic, all-natural wool and cotton bedding sets.

The Bedroom: Where Green Living Matters Most

Man Sleeping on FieldWhere do you spend the most time in your home? The answer is the bedroom, where the average adult sleeps for 7 hours a night. Those 40 winks quickly add up to more than 2,555 hours a year sleeping. Imagine spending that much time sleeping on a mattress full of toxins!

The Wool Bed Company™ has ECO-Pure™ Wool bedding to keep your bedroom free from toxins. Our hand-crafted mattresses, toppers, and pillows are made with all-natural wool and 100% organic cotton sheets so you get a completely green bedroom set. View all our environmentally friendly bedding products.

Why Are Traditional Mattresses Toxic?

Mattress manufacturers are required to produce fire-resistant bedding. For most mattresses, this means chemicals like boron, antimony, and boric acid are added to the finished product to make it “safe”. Of course, protecting the mattress from flames means your bedroom is now full of toxins.

Since wool is naturally fire-resistant, no chemicals are added to the mattress to meet government standards. We don’t even use harsh detergents or dyes on our bedding.

Signature Wool Mattress: The Best Mattress for the Environment

Your wool bedding won’t go to a landfill thanks to our Wool Mattress Renewal program. In the event you do have to throw away your bedding, the wool and cotton will naturally decompose. Synthetic mattress can last for years in landfills, polluting the environment with fire-resistant chemicals like boron, antimony, and boric acid.

Wool is a renewable resource, with sheep creating billions of pounds each year. The sheering process is beneficial to the sheep by keeping their wool clean and manageable.

Green Living Sign

Non-Toxic Bedding

Along with mattresses, The Wool Bed Company™ has entire eco-friendly bedding sets. With these products, your whole bedroom will be free from toxins and allergens:

We even have travel mattress toppers so you can sleep green while on the road.

Sprouting PlantBasic Ways to Live Green and Clean at Home

  • Create a garden – Even if you don’t have a lot of outdoor space, gardens of all sizes are great for the environment. Plant your own fruits and vegetables to cut down on your grocery bill. Or plant beautiful flowers to help out pollinators like bees.
  • Start a compost pit – Stop wasting leftover food by collecting it for composting. As the food breaks down, it creates new nutrients you can use to fertilize your garden.
  • Walk, bike, or carpool – If you have a short commute, consider walking or biking into work. If you are far away from your workplace, arrange a company carpool to cut down on emissions.
  • Get energy efficient lightbulbs – This old technology continues to evolve. Lightbulbs now use less energy than ever before while still offering plenty of light.
  • Cut down on water usage – Shorten your showers and combine laundry loads to save water.

If you’re ready to go green, you’re ready for a wool mattress from The Wool Bed Company™.

Contact The Wool Bed Company™ to learn more about our eco-friendly wool mattresses.