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Avoid Bed Bugs When You Travel

Wool Travel Bedding Lets You Get Rest without Pests!

Hotel Bed with Possible Bed Bug InfestationWith the rise in bed bugs in hotels around the world, there are plenty of horror stories awaiting travelers. No one wants to deal with bed bug bites in the middle of a relaxing vacation. One simple solution for avoiding bed bugs is to bring your own bedding. ECO-Pure™ Wool bedding from The Wool Bed Company™ will help you rest at home or abroad without being bothered by pests.

Bed bugs get their name because they reside on and around beds. Travels can easily bring live bugs or eggs on their clothes and suitcases from one hotel to another, causing the bugs to spread. As such, it is always best to use caution when staying anywhere with provided bedding.

Signs of Bed Bugs on a Hotel Mattress

  • Live bugs – tan/brown or dark red color, 1/5 of an inch in size or the size of a pencil eraser
  • Exoskeletons
  • Droppings – small, dark stains
  • Dried bloodstains
  • Waking up with itchy welts on skin – similar to mosquito bites

Fabric Travel SuitcaseHow to Prevent a Bed Bug Infestation while Staying at a Hotel

  1. To start, pack your clothes in plastic bags. Even if your hotel has bed bugs, the sealed plastic will keep bugs from infesting your clothes.
  2. When arriving at your hotel room, place all your luggage in the bathroom before inspecting the room. This is the least likely area for bed bugs since they have trouble moving and hiding on tile floors.
  3. Next, check the current bedding for any signs of bugs. Bed bugs can hide behind headboards and under seams on the mattress, so be thorough. Dresser drawers should also be examined before you put away your clothes. If there is any sign of bed bugs, request a room change in another part of the hotel. You don’t want your new room to be anywhere near an infected area.
  4. Once you’ve cleared the room, you may bring your suitcase out from the bathroom. Elevate it on a luggage rack or chair. Most bed bug infestations occur after the bugs hide on a suitcase and are brought home.
  5. Once you return from your trip, place all clothing directly into a washing machine and use the hottest setting to get rid of any potential bugs.

Alternative Travel Plans

As a result of bed bugs, camping has become a popular way to avoid the risks of hotel bed bugs. However, sleeping the ground can be very uncomfortable and bad for your joints. A wool travel mattress topper will give you plenty of comfort as you enjoy the great outdoors. These twin size toppers fit perfectly in RVs and anywhere you might use a sleeping bag. Each topper comes with a denim travel bag for convenient packing.

ECo-Pure Wool Mattress and TopperReplace Your Bedding After a Bed Bug Infestation

Even if you follow all the above advice, it is still possible to get bed bugs in your home. If you live in an apartment complex, condo, or duplex, you could get bugs from a neighbor. If your home has a bed bug infestation, the first thing you should do after clearing out the bugs is get a new bed set.

There are methods to removing bed bugs from infested furniture, though the most common treatments involve harsh chemical pesticides. Unfortunately, less toxic treatments like steaming and vacuuming are less effective. Rather than fill your bedroom with chemicals, you should replace your infested bedding.

Note: When disposing of an infested mattress and other bedding, you will have to seal everything in plastic before removing it from your home. This will prevent bugs from falling off and infecting other furniture. Include a label on it stating the contents having bed bugs so no one will open the plastic.

ECO-Pure™ Wool products from The Wool Bed Company™ are the best option for replacing bed bug infested bedding. Our natural bedding is handcrafted without exposure to harsh chemicals, dyes, or detergents. You can sleep clean and green with wool.

Common Bed Bug Misconception

Bed bugs do not live inside mattresses. They settle in seams, headboards, or furniture near the bed in order to get close to sleeping humans to feed on. While your mattress type won’t stop a bed bug infestation, ECO-Pure™ Wool mattresses have an advantage over the competition by resisting dust mites, containing no synthetic toxins, and being all-natural.

For more information on the benefits of wool bedding, contact The Wool Bedding Company™.