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Organic Wool Bedding Helps Relief Pain

"You will never know how my ole heart is rejoicing today! My mom received her Mattress Topper yesterday! She immediately called and was soooooooo impressed with the making of it. She even told me she could hardly wait until bed time to try it out. I woke up about 1 A.M this morning literally asking the Lord to let her have some good rest. And she called me bright and early this A.M. soooooo excited! Bless her heart she has had problems for years where her neck has hurt her so in her muscles and such. And had a hard time resting---not knowing she was having the same problems she now has with her shoulders and legs. She told me she did not even need much of her pillow last night! HER first night on her underquilt! And her neck muscles this A.M. were so relaxed and not hurting! I was so thankful I cried! I love my Mom dearly---and that meant so very much to me. And thank you for calling me personally the other evening. That too meant much. And I KNOW your business will flourish mightily! I enjoyed our phone visit, and it meant much to know you cared enough to get the product sent right out to my mom.

All I can say is a bigggggg Thank - EWE!! And Bless EWES All There at the Kerry Hills Farm---and when I'm in the area of Oconomowoc again----I really want to look you up. It was super good to purchase from our own state..."

J. Snow
Pepin, Wisconsin