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Get the Right Mattress for Your Sleep Style

Wool Bedding is Perfect for Every Sleeper

There are three primary sleep positions: side position, back position, or stomach position. The position you sleep in can have long-term effects on your health if your bedding does not support your sleep style. The Wool Bed CompanyTM has organic, all-natural bedding products for every type of sleeper. Learn more about the benefits of ECO-PureTM Wool mattresses, cotton sheets, and wool pillows.

Side Sleeping on Wool MattressBedding for Side Position Sleepers

Side sleeping is one of the most common sleep positions because it provides a mixture of comfort and support. In fact, side sleeping is sometimes recommended by doctors to combat snoring or symptoms of sleep apnea. Pregnant women in their second and third trimester will almost exclusively have to sleep on their sides.

Unfortunately, side sleepers who do not get adequate support from their mattress and pillows can suffer severe side effects when they wake. Most commonly they experience discomfort from sleeping misaligned back or neck. Sometimes the soreness can go away with light stretching, sometimes it can last all day.

A simple way to get the support you need is to use a medium to firm fill wool pillow and mattress. You’ll want to pillows and mattress to be firm enough to keep our joint aligned without being uncomfortable. The Wool Bed CompanyTM provides wool bedding with various levels of fill to maximize comfort and support.

Left vs Right: Does One Side Make a Difference?

Ever notice you have extra heartburn or acid reflux on certain mornings? Chances are you slept on your right side! The stomach is on the left, so sleeping on your right causes all your stomach acid to flow back into your esophagus. Sleep on your left to keep your stomach contents where they belong.

Man Sleeping on Back on Wool MattressBedding for Back Position Sleepers

Back sleepers are in the best position for getting complete support for their body. Gravity helps keep the spine and joints aligned as you rest, letting you wake up free from the aches experienced by side sleepers. Yet very few people are able to fall asleep in this position.

One of the main reasons people don’t sleep on their back is because regular mattress aren’t comfortable enough. In order to enjoy the long-term health benefits of back position sleeping, use a supportive mattress and pillow set from The Wool Bed CompanyTM. Wool bedding contours to your body so it is easier to fall asleep on your back.

Many college students arrive to their dorms only to discover the mattress isn’t comfortable enough for back sleeping. Since replacing the university-issued mattress is not an option, an ECO-PureTM Wool mattress topper is a wonderful solution to your bedding dilemma. Simply place the topper on top of your mattress to start enjoying the benefits of wool sleep! This is an affordable solution for back sleepers who are dealing with temporary sleep situations, like frequent travelers.

Bedding for Stomach Position Sleepers

Stomach Sleeper on Wool BeddingStomach sleepers are all about comfort. Of course, stomach sleeping throws the entire body out of alignment. While it might be comfortable as you fall asleep, chances are you’ll eventually wake up to long-term neck and lower back pain.

Use wool bedding to promote better alignment as you sleep. Soft wool pillows let you continue to enjoy the comforts of the stomach position. Most kids are stomach sleepers and a wool mattress will keep them comfortable as they grow.

The Benefits of Wool Beds for Every Sleep Position

Ideally, you should try to switch from stomach sleeping to your side or back. The right mattress from The Wool Bed CompanyTM will make this transition easier. Surrounding yourself with wool pillows can keep your body in the right sleep position. And our bedding is doctor recommended!

The Wool Bed CompanyTM pillows include an exclusive Test-Rest Guarantee. Start by selecting the fill level when you buy your pillow. If the wool fill in your pillow isn’t right for your sleep style you can exchange it.

Get the right bedding for your sleep position. Get ECO-PureTM Wool bedding today!

Shop for ECO-Pure Wool bedding online now or contact The Wool Bed CompanyTM to order custom wool bedding.