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Stop Nighttime Allergies Using Organic Cotton and Natural Wool Bedding

Ways to Sleep Better During Allergy Season

Spring allergiesAllergies cause all sorts of uncomfortable symptoms which keep sufferers from sleeping soundly. Sneezing, itching, runny nose, and constant coughing are just a few of the issues you face when trying to sleep during allergy season. Dust mites, pet hair and dander, and seasonal pollen all contribute to sleep deprivation from allergens. The Wool Bed CompanyTM offers relief for allergy sufferers with our hypoallergenic cotton and wool bedding system.

It’s important to remember allergy season is not just contained to spring. Dust mites live in regular bedding and are the main source of allergens in most homes throughout the year. Other pillowcases and sheets trap these dust mites, causing night after night of symptoms. Regular changing and washing will remove the irritants, yet this just causes the laundry to pile up. Organic cotton sheets from The Wool Bed CompanyTM are naturally hypoallergenic, and dust mites are unable to take hold in our wool mattresses, toppers, and comforters.

Allergies Cause Sleep Deprivation

A runny nose makes finding the right sleep position nearly impossible. Sleep on your front or sides and gravity will cause snot to flow freely. Sleep on your back and mucus will drip into the back of your throat, causing a cough. The need to constantly shift positions causes sleep deprivation as the movement keeps you awake.

Nasal allergies have been known to lead to obstructive sleep apnea, as nasal congestion and swelling block the airways of the body. Smoking can cause problems with your nose and throat which opens you up to worse allergy symptoms. These breathing problems during the night also lead to less fulfilling sleep.

Hypoallergenic pillows, sheets, and bedding will help! Our wool pillows are available with soft, medium, or firm filling to accommodate the sleep position which will keep you comfortable while dealing with allergies or sleep apnea.

Natural Ways to Get Allergy Relief

Pollen from FlowerOur ECO-PureTM wool is resistant to dust mites and our organic cotton is naturally hypoallergenic without any harmful toxins or chemicals. Wool even resists bacteria which lead to mold and mildew. Yet there are more ways to fight off allergy symptoms before you sleep.

  • Clean often (in the morning) – Carpets, fabrics, and bedding all collect pollen and dander. Vacuuming or washing these in the morning will remove the allergens without stirring up anything at night. The vents and ducts of your home should also be checked as they may circulate irritants throughout the day.
  • Use humidifiers and drink water – Staying hydrated inside and out will reduce the effects of some allergy symptoms. Drinking water causes mucus to thin out, minimizing congestion. Humidifiers, either for your entire home or just the bedroom, prevent dryness which can make a cough worse.
  • Make pets sleep elsewhere – As much as you love your pets, their shed fur and dander can be the source of your allergies. Sharing a bed with your cat or dog means you’re breathing in these allergens every night. Getting a wool pet bed for your furry friend will give them a comfortable place to sleep without exposing you to their dander.
  • Wash before bed - A quick bath or shower will help remove any linger allergens which may have collected on your skin or hair during the day. Rinsing off will remove dust and pollen.

Wool comforters with cotton covers are healthy year round. There are no harsh chemicals, toxins, or synthetic detergents used in the production of our natural products. The Wool Bed CompanyTM has all the bedding you need to happily sleep through allergy season again and again. There are no harsh chemicals, toxins, or synthetic detergents used in the production of our natural products.

Contact The Wool Bed CompanyTM now for more information on hypoallergenic wool and cotton sleep systems.