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Organic Wool Mattresses for New Parents

How to Safely Co-Sleep with Organic Bedding

Lamb with Wool Bedding ProductsMany new parents struggle with getting quality sleep after the arrival of their little one. The Wool Bed Company™ is here to help by providing natural, ECO-Pure™ Wool bedding products to make it easier for new parents to get the sleep they need.

Safe Co-Sleeping with Organic Bedding Materials

Co-sleeping and room-sharing practices encourage parental bonding with newborns. This practice involves allowing your infant to sleep in the same room rather than a separate nursery. While there is some debate about the safety of bed-sharing (having the baby sleep in the same bed as the parents), it is generally agreed that the baby should be kept close during the night for the first few months or years. This could mean using a bedside bassinet or a special crib attachment to keep your baby within arm’s reach.

With baby being so close, you’ll want healthy organic bedding on your bed to limit your newborn’s exposure to harmful toxins found in synthetic bedding materials. The larger your bed, the more of these toxins will be in your bedroom. While you may not notice the effects, your much smaller baby will. ECO-Pure™ Wool is made naturally, free from hash chemicals and dyes. You’ll have a safer sleep environment for your baby when you buy organic bedding.

WARNING: Babies should always sleep on firm, flat surfaces. Babies can sink into the soft wool of our mattresses, so same-bed co-sleeping is not recommended. For this same reason, babies should never be placed on cushions, thick comforters, stuffed animals, or pillows to sleep.

Parents in Wool Bedding with BabyGet Quality Sleep while Parenting

The number one rule for new parents to remember is sleep when your baby is sleeping. Until they’re old enough to sleep through the night, their sleep schedule will determine your sleep schedule. If you try to get chores done while the baby is asleep, you’ll only be more exhausted when they wake up and unable to care for them fully. It might be hard to watch dishes and laundry pile up, but your child’s needs come first.

Set up a nap area in your home separate from your bedroom. Taking naps in your bed can make it harder to get continuous sleep at night. Instead, pick a spot where you can take a quick nap and still be close to your newborn. A comfortable rocking chair with wool pillows in the nursery can help you stay near your baby as they sleep in a bassinet.

Sleep Tips for New Parents

  • Split up chores with your partner, including night time duties. Just knowing you don’t have to worry about waking up early on certain days will help you fall asleep better.
  • Watching TV might not seem stressful, but anything which engages your brain before bedtime will make it harder to get sleep. The same rule applies to all electronic devices, including cell phones.
  • Skip the coffee. Caffeine might help you stay awake when caring for your baby, but too much will make it harder to get sleep when you need it.
  • Hire a babysitter or ask a friend to come over if you’re very tired. An extra set of hands helping, even for a few hours, will give you the chance to catch up on sleep.

Ready to get some sleep? The Wool Bed Company™ is ready to help!

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