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Best Organic Bedding for Kids with Allergies

Children Sleep Healthy on Wool Mattress and Pillows

Kid Sleeping with Mask Due to ASthmaDoes your child have trouble sleeping due to allergies? Does irritating eczema keep them up at night? Trade out your child’s bedding for 100% all-natural, organic wool and cotton bedding from The Wool Bed Company™. Our ECO-Pure™ Wool mattresses, pillows, and sheets are naturally hypoallergenic to help children sleep through the night.

Natural Asthma Relief for Children

Nasal allergies and asthma have been known to lead to obstructive sleep apnea in children. No child wants to sleep with a runny nose and persistent cough. ECO-Pure™ wool mattresses are naturally resistant to dust mites, one of the main causes of asthma reactions when sleeping. Wool even resists bacteria which lead to mold and mildew which can cause asthma attacks.

Our wool-filled pillows are handcrafted without any harmful toxins or chemicals. All of our wool is free from harsh synthetic detergents, chlorine bleach, and dye used to prepare other bedding materials. Give your child non-toxic sleep with our all-natural bedding.

Organic Bed Sheets for Kids with Sensitive Skin

Children with sensitive skin or conditions like eczema may have trouble sleeping because their current sheets are irritating. 100% organic cotton sheets from The Wool Bed Company™ are hypoallergenic and incredibly comfortable.

Cotton is the top recommended bedding options for eczema sufferers of all ages. All our cotton fabric is grown and milled in the USA. We don’t use harsh chemicals to treat the cotton. The results is complete allergy free bedding products.

Baby with Eczema

Healthy, All-Natural Wool Bedding Products for Kids

Hypoallergenic organic wool bedding could be the night-time allergy, asthma, and skincare relief your child needs. Give your child all-natural relief with quality organic wool bedding products from The Wool Bed Company™. Shop our wide selection of all-natural, organic wool bedding products for your whole family today and start getting the sleep you deserve.

Contact The Wool Bed Company™ now for more information on hypoallergenic wool and cotton sleep systems for kids.