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Doctor Recommended Mattresses for Sale

Get a Prescription for Healthy Sleep with Wool!

There are many prescriptions for medicines to heal the body and reduce chronic pain. Did you know you can also receive a prescription for a non-toxic mattress? The mattresses from The Wool Bed Company™ are highly recommended by doctors to reduce exposure to toxins and promote healthy sleep.

Why Get a Mattress Prescription?

A prescription from a doctor is the only way to legally buy a mattress made without fire-resistant chemicals. Before chemical flame-retardants were added to mattresses, it was common for bedding to catch on fire. These fires were often caused by space heaters, faulty electrical outlets, smoking materials (cigarettes, cigars, lighters), and candles. A single spark was enough to set whole mattress ablaze, leading to death and injury.

Now, mattresses are filled with flame-resistant chemicals to reduce the chance of catching fire to meet the Consumer Product Safety Commission standard 16 CFR 1633. The problem is the safety from fire comes at a cost: regular exposure to dangerous toxins. There are many people who are sensitive to these chemicals and need a way to sleep “clean”. A prescription for non-toxic mattress is the answer.

Who Can Write a Mattress Prescription?

Prescriptions for mattresses can be written by medical professionals, primarily:

  • Doctors
  • Osteopaths
  • Chiropractors

Who is allowed to provide a prescription may vary by state or country. You may need to see a specialist before getting a prescription. Be sure to ask your doctor for more details.

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