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Organic Wool Pet Beds

Wool Mattresses for Dogs and Cats

Dog Sleeping on FloorThe Surround Ewe™ ECO-Pure® Wool Mattress has made an incredible difference in many people’s lives. The comfort, the health benefits, and sleeping on a safer mattress have turned many into believers of the benefits of organics. Now make a difference in your pet’s life – their health and safety is just as important as ours!

Your pet’s bed could be doing more harm than good. Commercially produced synthetic pet beds are just as dangerous to your pet as a fire-retardant mattress is to us. Since pets sleep anywhere between 12-16 hours every day, the quality of the mattress they sleep on is just as important as the type of food they eat.

Hypoallergenic Pet Bedding

Pets have allergies just like us. Many are even allergic to the synthetic bedding they sleep on. Synthetic pet bedding is filled with chemical dyes, highly processed fabrics, cedar wood, and aromatic oils, many of which are allergy inducers for your pet. Long term exposure to these chemicals can lead to serious skin irritations, and even respiratory problems.

Improve your pet’s quality of life by getting them a Soothe Ewe Wool Pet Bed. Our organic pet beds are better and safer for your beloved pet, as the natural wool fibers repel moisture, provide better support, and reduce the stress on your pet’s joints. Surround Ewe’s™ organic pet beds’ wool fibers hold natural cooling properties helping your pet stay cool and regulate their body temperature. Wool’s springy characteristics return your pet’s bed to its original position, providing consistent support for your pet’s body throughout the years of use. With an organic wool pet bed from Surround Ewe™, arthritic pets receive an optimal level of therapeutic support, reducing joint stress and allowing them to relax.

Your pet is an important part of your family. Treat them to an organic pet bed from Surround Ewe™ and eliminate the chances of chemically induced health problems later in life. Don’t let them sleep on dangerous chemicals and harmful materials – get them a Soothe Ewe Wool Pet Bed from Surround Ewe™ today!

For more information about organic pet beds, call Surround Ewe™ at 1-920-860-6086.