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Wool Mattress Making Benefits From New Carding Machine


Wool mattress batting   The Wool Bed Company's™
First Carding Machine
Adding this carding machine to bring more of the wool bedding production process in-house gives The Wool Bed Company™ even greater ability to ensure our ECO-Pure wool mattresses, wool mattress toppers, wool pillows and other organic cotton bedding products meet our stringent standards of excellence. Processing tons of raw wool a month in house also helps the Wool Bed Company to lower costs and pass the savings on to our customers. A better quality wool bedding product at a better price is a win for the Wool Bed Company and for all our loyal customers who benefit from the comfort they receive from their organic wool mattresses and bedding.

You would think a substance which has been in use for hundreds of years would be fully appreciated, yet with all our technology, man has yet to make a mattress or bedding product which surpasses the comfort, support and safety (non-chemical fire resistance) of wool bedding products made with raw organic wool. To learn more about how organic wool bedding products are giving people a better night’s sleep than they ever dreamed of, read our testimonials, visit the Success Stories section of the website, or give the Wool Bed Company a call to learn how organic cotton/ ECO-Pure wool bedding products can make your bed more comfortable.
ECO-Pure wool fibers feed into carding machine Feeder of carding machine in manufacturing of wool mattress Wool mattress fill entering the carding machine
Step 1: Raw wool fibers for your organic mattress are place into the feeder of the carding machine where they are prepared for the carding process.
(Image 2) Side view of feeder processing raw fibers for our line of wool mattresses.
Step 2: After exiting the feeder, Wool mattress fibers are ready for processing by the carding machine nippers.


Carding machine that straightens wool for natural mattresses Profile of carding machine for wool fiber preperation Carding drum for wool fiber preparation used in wool mattress
Step 3: The carding machine prepares the wool fibers for your ECO-Pure mattress by straightening and separating the wool fibers. The process begins with the worker rollers and stripper rollers pulling the fibers on and off the main cylinder also known as the swift. The swift carries the straightened fibers to the fancy and doffer rollers where the wool processing is finalized and ready to be made in a wool mattress, wool comforters, or an ECO-Pure wool pillow.


Wool mattress batting ECO-Pure mattress batting Handmade ECO-Pure mattress in progress
Final Steps: Before a wool mattress can be customized for you, the straightened wool fibers are rolled onto the batt drum and then stored ready to be made into a wool mattress, wool comforters, futon mattresses, or ECO-Pure wool pillows. You will feel the benefits of a one of a kind organic mattress experience.


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