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Wool: Nature’s Best Bedding for Children

The Importance of Organic Sleep Sets for Your Kids

Wood Crib with Wool MattressChildren spend more time sleeping than adults, which means more exposure to harmful fireproofing chemicals pumped into mattresses. Give your kids non-toxic sleep with 100% natural wool mattresses from The Wool Bed Company™. Our mattresses, mattress toppers, and pillows are made with ECO-Pure™ Wool. We do not add any unnecessary chemicals, detergent, or dye to the wool. It is all-natural!

Why does all-natural sleep matter to kids? Getting enough sleep helps children:

  • Boost their immune system
  • Be alert during the day
  • Maintain a healthy weight
  • Perform better in school

Custom Children’s Mattresses for Better Quality Sleep

Safety regulations require mattresses and other bedding materials to use chemicals like boron, antimony, and boric acid to meet certain flame resistant standards. Sleeping on these mattresses means breathing in and absorbing vapors from those chemicals. And since children need to get about 10 hours or more of sleep every day, they face more exposure than grown-ups.

The Wool Bed Company™ mattresses are made without flame retardant chemicals because wool is naturally fire resistant. Children can get all the sleep they need without any exposure to dangerous chemicals. Our wool mattresses and mattress toppers range from standard Twin to California King. Have a smaller bed set? Custom sizes are available via special order. Give us a call to get a perfect fitting mattress for your child.

Helping Kids with Allergies and Asthma get Quality Sleep

Cotton Sheets and Wool MattressWool is hypoallergenic, a huge benefit for parents raising little ones with allergies and asthma. Our wool pillows are a natural defense against dust mites, mildew, and bacteria which can cause breathing problems while sleeping.

Our 100% organic cotton sheets are gentle on the skin. Children with sensitive skin and skin conditions will get relief when sleeping on natural wool and cotton bedding. We carry wool comforters to complete the bed set.

Natural Bedding for Parents Too

Be sure to get our wool bedding for yourself as well! Our ECO-Pure™ Wool has the same benefits for adults as children. Chances are your little ones like to join you in bed, especially if they’ve had a nightmare or are scared of a storm. Keep your bedroom set all natural and organic so your entire family can get healthy, non-toxic sleep.

Contact The Wool Bed Company™ to order custom organic bedding for your children or shop our wool mattresses online.