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100% Organic Wool Standard Mattress Topper

Made in the USA

Standard Wool Mattress Topper 4-5" thick
Standard Wool Mattress Topper 4-5" thick
Natural Wool Mattress Topper

Made in the USA


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The 100% Certified Organic Cotton / ECO-Pure™ Wool Mattress Topper 

The Wool Bed Company's™ "Standard Deep Sleep Wool Topper" is second only to the Ultimate™ in terms of wool thickness, plush wool to soften your existing mattress for a great night’s sleep.

Soothe Ewe natural wool mattress toppers are available in all mattress sizes, including California King. Our ECO-Pure wool and 100% organic cotton cover are both toxin-free. We source all materials from the US and make them by hand in our Wisconsin shop. If you suffer from chronic ailments such as allergies, fibromyalgia, or arthritis, a Soothe Ewe mattress topper will give you a more soothing night's rest. 

Renew Your Mattress Topper to Restore Loft

Wool is a natural material and, over time, it will compress. The Wool Bed Company™ offers the Surround Ewe™ Wool Renewal Program on our Deep Sleep Topper. Our bedding experts will remove, check and clean the wool inside it, add wool, then enclose it in a new cotton cover to make it look, feel and smell like new again. The cost for this is half of the suggested retail price.

Read what  Dr. Robert  C Wheaton has to say:

Dear Susan,

I have been sleeping on the Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper for three months and I find that I sleep more soundly. I have not been awakened by pain from pressure points or joint pain. My wife had a fractured hip with subsequent surgery a year ago and has had significant relief also. I would recommend this product for patients with arthritis and related conditions.


Robert C. Wheaton, MD

Read what dozens of other satisfied customers have to say about our natural wool bedding products on our customer testimonial page

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TWIN 39X75 13 LBS   3" to 4"
TWIN LONG 39X80 15 LBS   3" to 4"
DOUBLE 54X75 17 LBS   3" to 4"
QUEEN 60X80 20 lBS   3" to 4"
EAST KING 76X80 24 LBS   3" to 4"
CAL KING 72X84 24 LBS   3" to 4"

The Standard model is approx. 6-7" thick before hand tufting. resulting in an approx. 3" thick topper after tufting (when new). It is important to maintain your mattress topper to maintain its loft. Simply rotate and flip your wool mattress topper regularly, ideally when you change the sheets. Natural wool fibers compress with repeated use, so follow Surround Ewe's™ wool mattress care guide for years of comfort.

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