ECO-Pure Wool Mattress & Organic Cotton Bedding Provide Health Benefits

Ninety percent of patients with fibromyalgia have some form of sleep disturbance, including difficulties falling asleep, frequent awakenings, inability to fall back to sleep, tossing and turning all night, and early morning awakenings. Fibromyalgia also commonly causes joint pain, cold sensitivities and headaches.

Surround Ewe organic wool mattress toppers, comforters and pillows are helpful to those with fibromyalgia due to the natural properties of wool and the way it interacts with the human body.

Wool has a natural resilience as a result of the crimps or "springiness" found in each wool fiber. These attributes create a natural weight-support system.

Wool also delivers therapeutic warmth, which works together with your body to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness by relaxing sore, tight muscles and conforming to the contours of your body to help you fall asleep. Wool bedding is also an all-natural allergy relief sleep solution.

Since it's filled with 100% natural ECO-Pure wool, the Soothe Ewe™ Mattress Topper functions to evenly distribute your weight to eliminate pressure points. By maintaining body temperature evenly, your body rids itself of the chemical byproducts that cause pain.

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Metal Spring Beds a Cause of Cancer?

Avoid metal springs in traditional mattresses and sleep on an organic wool mattress from Surround EweAs if you needed yet another reason why traditional mattresses are bad for your health compared to Surround Ewe's Organic Wool Mattress with Eco-Pure Wool, there have been numerous articles published regarding the coiled metal springs in mattresses. Traditional mattresses are still being made with these metal springs, and although many traditional mattress users are already familiar with the uncomfortable pain metal springs can cause, there is now concern these metal springs do more than just that.

The Cause of Cancer?

Recently, the Scientific American published a guest blog written by R. Douglas Fields, Ph.D., claiming the metal spring beds we sleep on are exposing us to electromagnetic radiation, a common cause of cancer.  "…as we sleep on our coil-spring mattresses, we are in effect sleeping on an antenna that amplifies the intensity of the broadcast FM/TV radiation." Spending about a third of our lives sleeping means a lot of time spent exposed to this electromagnetic radiation.

Assisting in Cancer Prevention?

However, other articles claim these metal springs are acting as deflectors. An article by Discover Magazine says these metal springs actually reflect these radio waves away from our bodies, DECREASING the chances of developing cancerous tumors. It's important to note that researchers have varying opinions regarding electromagnetic radiation such as TV transmissions and whether or not they actually do cause cancer.

No matter which theory you choose to believe, it's safe to say metal springs are not the best thing for us to be sleeping on. Until these theories are proven or are refuted, they will be a topic of discussion for scientists, researchers, and the rest of us.

Organic wool for making mattressesBUY Surround Ewe, the quality Organic Wool Mattress with Eco-Pure Wool, the safer, healthier alternative to traditional mattresses. Surround Ewe is the best place to find natural, organic wool mattresses for every member of your family, free of annoying metal springs and other harsh chemicals. Our Eco-Pure Wool is the healthiest material available for mattresses.