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Organic Wool Mattress Sleep System Proven to Outperform Other Sleep Systems

October 21, 2010


I am so excited to get another wool mattress and topper. Several years ago, I bought several things from you and you were kind enough to make a special order size quilt for me. I am the one who wrote the "Christmas morning arrived today," review which you have posted on your website!
Anyway, one horrible TEMPURPEDIC experience behind me thinking how wonderful it would be to move the bed up and down and whatnot (two and a half years of TOTAL suffering due to how rock-hard it was and how difficult it was for my aching self to turn over!!!) I am back to a regular mattress and LONG REGRET having found my wool underquilt a happy home some time ago! BUT I'M BACK for good!

I am so excited and can hardly wait to receive it! NOTHING else works including a mis-guided $1400 completely down featherbed which I tried to make-do on my TEMPURPEDIC! The whole thing was a $5600 MISTAKE and horrible!

LOVE that you are still working your tail off for all of us in pain and was just plain tickled you are still chugging along and hoping you are in no pain, yourself!!!!


SUSAN, thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!

Well done, ewe (and you)!

WHEN, oh, when, can I sleep again? When Christmas morning comes again, so to say!

P.S. In the "Christmas morning came today," review, I misspelled "grosgrain" ribbon!!! UGH!

Marilyn Johnston