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Organic Wool Sleep System is Both Soft and Supportive


I've been meaning to write and share my reaction to the Surround Ewe™ sleep mattress topper.

Last October I purchased a queen-size ultimate wool mattress topper from your company. I first looked into wool toppers after a friend bought a natural latex mattress and wool topper and told me how much she loved the comfort of the wool. I looked at the site she purchased her topper from, but wasn't impressed with their products. I then did an exhaustive internet search of all sources of wool toppers, comparing design, thickness, amount of wool, and price. After doing my homework, it was clear to me that you offered the best design, quality, and value.

I opted for the ultimate rather than the standard version of the mattress topper for two reasons. First, I had a new, very low platform bed and thought the bed would look better with the added height offered by the extra thick ultimate mattress topper. Second, the mattress topper was going to be used on an older box spring mattress which, although it appeared in good condition, was beginning to reflect the years of use in terms of support. I thought the extra thick ultimate mattress topper would allow me to delay replacing the mattress.

I've been sleeping on the mattress topper for three months now. Oh my God! It is so incredibly comfortable. That cliché everyone uses - "it's just like sleeping on a cloud" - is true. The whole body is just cosseted in this wonderful natural material that mysteriously is both soft and supportive. I've been enjoying the most restful sleep I've experienced in years.

I've been so pleased with the mattress topper that I am considering replacing the box spring mattress with a wool mattress. One question is whether the slat system on the platform bed would provide sufficient support for a wool mattress?

Thank you so much for providing wonderful products and operating your company with such integrity.

Best regards,

Denise Dumon
Dallas, Texas