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Organic Wool Mattress System Improves Joint Mobility and Spinal Flexibility

Hello Susan,

Thank you for getting the bed out to me last week. I appreciate the extra effort and accommodation to do that. I am very pleased. While I feel strongly about communicating when something is problematic, I also feel strongly about letting people know when things are well done.

You are free to include the following comments in your client testimonials:

Last night I slept in my Surround Ewe™ Sleep System for the first time - the mattress w/topper, pillows and quilt. I had gotten to bed very late, so I expected to wake up tired and stiff. I was indeed tired when I awakened. However, as I sat up and began my routine of yoga stretches, I was utterly dumbfounded because my joint mobility and spinal flexibility were so dramatically improved. I can not remember the last time I was able to flex and bend so effortlessly.

I also want to mention that I was very impressed with the way you packaged and presented the merchandise. It was professional, thorough, and truly gave the impression that you go an extra mile to provide quality products.

Blessings and best regards,

Alicia Nation
Columbia, South Carolina
By the way, the neck roll is wonderful!