Our ECO-Pure Wool Bedding Products

All-Natural Wool Bedding Products
You'll breathe better as you sleep!

Organic cotton/ ECO-Pure Wool mattress

ECO-Pure Wool Mattresses

The ECO-Pure Wool Mattress is the latest in the Surround Ewe Collection. Our organic cotton/ ECO-Pure wool mattresses are made using the same unique and patented process that we have used in all our other products. We are the pioneers in designing natural wool bedding, and we are once again setting the industry standard with our natural wool mattresses. The all "WOOL BED " is an amazing 8" thick and is made with pre-compressed wool making it the #1 choice for an ECO-Pure mattress today.

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Wool mattress topper

Natural ECO-Pure Wool Mattress Toppers

The Soothe Ewe Topper is the most important accessory for your healthy sleep environment. This wool topper, styled after the traditional German fleecebunk, offers a weight support structure like none other - naturally. Only wool has the ability to support and distribute your body weight evenly, away from pressure points and tender spots. Now available in Economy, Standard or Ultimate mattress topper thickness.

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Organic Cotton Bedding Systems

Organic Cotton Bedding Systems

Our unique and patented Surround Ewe® Sleep System is designed to give you complete sleeping comfort. The Eco-Pure wool provides therapeutic warmth and induces relaxation, gently cradling and soothing you into a deep non-REM sleep so your body can start to repair itself.
Our Surround Ewe® Sleep System completes your bed.  Giving you the BEST SLEEP!
Used with all mattresses and topper purchases.

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Natural Wood Platform Beds and Platform Conversion Kits

Surround Ewe® is proud to offer these handmade natural wood platform beds for perfect support with your wool mattress and wool mattress topper sleep systems.

We also have a conversion kit that works with your traditional bed when you want to keep your existing headboard.

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Snuggle Ewe Comforter

Eco-Pure Wool Filled Comforters

The Snuggle Ewe®Comforter, combined with the Soothe Ewe Topper, provides a total sleep comfort system, helping you get a good night's sleep with a minimum of tossing and turning. Our comforters will provide you with the right amount of warmth and natural insulation. In the winter, it will quickly warm you and in the summer the air circulating through the wool will keep you at an optimum body temperature, never overheating. Comforters are available in winter and summer weights.

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Pillows on a bed

Support Ewe™ Wool Pillows and Neck Rolls

The wool filling of our Pillows and Neck Rolls provide warmth and comfort, relieving muscle pain and headaches, even snoring! Available in three thicknesses- firm, medium, and soft. We can customize the fill to your desired softness. Standard sizes for pillows including Standard, Queen, King, Euro, and our Body Pillow and a Mini Pillow. Neck Roll available in Standard or Mini.

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Organic Cotton Linens

Organic Cotton Linens/Duvets/Sheet Sets

Our luxury linens and coverlets enhance your sleeping comfort and protect your valuable sleep investment. Add beauty to any bedroom with these all natural 100% ORGANIC cotton linens and coverlets. Order as replacements or extra's to have during your laundry cycle.

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Duffle bag for easy transport of traveler mattress topper

Traveler Wool Mattress Topper

When traveling you will soon realize the quality of our products. Our customers never want to be without their Sleep Systems while they sleep. This is why we have the Traveler wool mattress topper, it allows you to take your bed with you.

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2 little dogs on their pet bed

ECO-Pure Wool Pet Bedding

Our wool pet bed has two natural attributes: it provides therapeutic warmth and it induces relaxation, while gently cradling and soothing your pet.

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