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Pillows & Neck Rolls

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Euro 27"x 27" Pillow
King 20"X 35" Pillow
King 20x35 Wool Pillow #PIL-K
Queen 20" X 29" Pillow
Queen 20" X 29" Pillow #PIL-Q
Standard 20" X 25" Pillow
20x25 standard wool pillow #PIL-S
Mini 14" x 16" Pillow
Mini 14x16 Wool Pillow #PIL-MINI
7" x 20" Neck Roll
Wool Neck Roll #SUP-NR
7" x 12" Mini Neck Roll
7" x 12" Mini Wool Neck Roll #PIL-MN
Firm Wool Fill Bolster
20" x 66" Body Pillow

Organic cotton/ ECO-Pure wool Pillows on bed

Our Surround Ewe™ Collection features
Natural 100% ECO-Pure Wool Filled Pillows and Neck Rolls

Your first step to a good night's sleep is our 100% Natural Organic cotton with ECO-Pure Wool Fill Pillows! Our ECO-Pure Wool fill provides warmth and comfort, relieving muscle pain and headaches, even snoring! ECO-Pure Wool pillows also naturally resists dust mites, mold and mildew, making our pillows perfect for people with allergies. ECO-Pure Wool is natural, pure, and non-allergenic. Organic cotton/ ECO-Pure wool Pillows stacked on a shelf

Healthy Benefits of ECO-Pure Wool

Tension in the neck and upper back can cause headaches, stiff necks, and loss of sleep. Our Neck Rolls support your head and neck to align your vertebrae into a restful position for a great night's sleep. Our Neck Rolls accommodate different body types and structures.

All Natural Products are hypo-allergenic
Proven Pain Relief With ECO-Pure Wool

organic cotton/ ECO-Pure wool Pillows, neck rolls, cotton sheets and pillow cases and comforters

ECO-Pure Wool Pillow Product Highlights

"Test-Rest" Guarantee – Our pillows come in a medium or firm comfort rating. If your pillow is too soft or firm, just call us within the first 30 days and we'll ship you a new pillow to your specifications. Send us back the old pillow when you receive the new one.

Tired of sleep discomfort? We promise our organic cotton/ ECO-Pure Wool bedding products will soothe your aching body and soul.