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Mattress Toppers

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Ultimate 6 Inch Topper
Ultimate Wool Topper is thicker #SOO-U
$1,019.00 - $949.00
Standard Wool Mattress Topper 4-5" thick #
$679.00 - $979.00
$379.00 - $675.00
Economy Wool topper is perfect for a good nights sleep #
$419.00 - $799.00
$319.00 - $499.00
Wool Protector Pad
ECO-Pure Wool Protector Pad #WWMP
$229.00 - $279.00
Traveler Topper w/ Bag

Wool Mattress Toppers Hand-Made From Natural 100% ECO-Pure Wool

Natural OrganicCotton/ECO-Pure Wool Mattress Topper

Breathe Clean Air While You Sleep with Toxin Free Bedding!

Wool Mattress with Topper

We were renowned for introducing the All Natural ECO-Pure Wool Soothe Ewe Mattress Topper to America. Today, The Wool Bed Company™ is famed for our original designs. Introducing the most luxurious organic cotton/ ECO-Pure™ wool bedding ever offered. Our unique and patented bedding products ensure you are purchasing the world's premier wool bedding.

The Wool Bed Company™ carries the best in natural and organic bedding for beds of all types and sizes. Our Ultimate, Standard, and Economy mattress toppers can fit everything from California King to a standard twin frame, letting the whole family have a healthy night’s sleep free from toxins or flame retardant chemicals. You can even order custom sizes if necessary.

Wool Mattress Topper Product Highlights

Wool Mattress Topper

Complete Your Wool Bedding Set

To complete your bed, use a wool protector pad or coverlet-duvet. Made from organic cotton and our own high standards, these washable bedding accessories will keep your mattress topper clean and protected.

Don’t forget your wool filled pillows or organic cotton sheets to finish your bedding set. Make sure to top it all off with a comforter, available in European, summer, or winter styles for comfort all year.

Health Benefits of Wool Bedding

Quality sleep is essential to staying healthy. Lying away on an uncomfortable mattress can exacerbate health problems. Mattress toppers are an affordable way to make your bedding more comfortable.

Pure ECO-Pure wool for making mattress toppersOur wool bedding is doctor-recommended to improve sleep quality for those with:

  • Sleep apnea
  • Chronic pain from injury, arthritis, and osteoporosis
  • Allergies
  • Pregnancy
  • Muscle soreness
  • Migraines and headaches
  • Insomnia

Get healthy as you sleep with natural wool mattress toppers.

Contact The Wool Bed Company’s organic bedding experts today to for more information.