ECO-Pure Wool Mattress & Organic Cotton Bedding Provide Health Benefits

Ninety percent of patients with fibromyalgia have some form of sleep disturbance, including difficulties falling asleep, frequent awakenings, inability to fall back to sleep, tossing and turning all night, and early morning awakenings. Fibromyalgia also commonly causes joint pain, cold sensitivities and headaches.

Surround Ewe organic wool mattress toppers, comforters and pillows are helpful to those with fibromyalgia due to the natural properties of wool and the way it interacts with the human body.

Wool has a natural resilience as a result of the crimps or "springiness" found in each wool fiber. These attributes create a natural weight-support system.

Wool also delivers therapeutic warmth, which works together with your body to temporarily relieve pain and stiffness by relaxing sore, tight muscles and conforming to the contours of your body to help you fall asleep. Wool bedding is also an all-natural allergy relief sleep solution.

Since it's filled with 100% natural ECO-Pure wool, the Soothe Ewe™ Mattress Topper functions to evenly distribute your weight to eliminate pressure points. By maintaining body temperature evenly, your body rids itself of the chemical byproducts that cause pain.

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Back Pain and Muscle Soreness

Back pain and muscle soreness from everyday stress and strain or from chronic conditions such as deteriorating discs, herniated discs, osteoporosis, etc. can make falling asleep and staying asleep difficult. A large portion of the population will suffer from back pain at some point in time, and everyone has muscle soreness after a strenuous day.

Natural Back Pain Relief - Support and Comfort The Soothe Ewe™

Our organic wool mattress topper brings sleep comfort to a new level by conforming to the individual contours of your body for enhanced comfort and rejuvenation.

Sleep Comfort Customized To Fit Your Sleeping Needs

Four distinct options are available to customize your perfect night's sleep. Personalize your mattress with our premier product—the Soothe Ewe™ Mattress Topper--to custom fit your sleeping needs. The sleep enhancing and pain relieving properties will help eliminate back pain and muscle soreness. It is available in multiple thicknesses depending on your level of pain.