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Wool Bedding Products

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Premium wool mattress approx 7" thick for total comfort #SOO-MSO
Signature ECO-Pure wool mattress with topper #SOO-MS
Traveler Topper w/ Bag
Twin mattress topper made to Travel in Denim Carry Bag #CA-T
Standard Wool Mattress Topper 4-5" thick #SOO-S
Ultimate Wool Topper is thicker #SOO-U
Economy Wool topper is perfect for a good nights sleep #SOO-ECON
Futon Mattress
Organic Cotton Covered Futon Mattress #SOO-FUTON
Organic Comforter Coverlet
Organic Cotton Comforter Duvet #CC
Organic Sateen Flat Sheet
Organic cotton flat sheets #Flat-S
Organic Cotton Fitted Sheet
Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets #FS
Bedding Sheet System
Complete Bedding System #SC
Organic Cotton Sheet Set
Organic Cotton Sheet Sets #SS
Neck Roll Cases
Topper Coverlet-Duvet
Protect your mattress topper with an easy to wash duvet #UC
Wool Protector Pad
ECO-Pure Wool Protector Pad #WWMP
European Comforter Set
European Comforter Set for Winter & Summer sleep #COM-E
Summer Comforter
Organic Cotton & ECO-Pure Wool Fill Comforters #COM-S
Winter Comforter
Winter Comforter for breathable warmth #COM-W
Euro 27"x 27" Pillow
King 20"X 35" Pillow
King 20x35 Wool Pillow #PIL-K
Queen 20" X 29" Pillow
Queen 20" X 29" Pillow #PIL-Q
Standard 20" X 25" Pillow
Standard Wool Pillow with Wool Fill to Specification #PIL-S
Mini 14" x 16" Pillow
Mini 14x16 Wool Pillow #PIL-MINI
7" x 20" Neck Roll
Wool Neck Roll #SUP-NR